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It was a very unexpected, special moment.

posted Apr 14, 2011, 5:01 AM by Manny Wilke   [ updated Apr 14, 2011, 12:54 PM ]
Angie Biel and the Good Shepherd Preschool gave Manny a going away surprise - a huge basket full of travel goodies (books and stickers galore), cash and a tie-blanket. For the tie blanket, each child picked out their own fleece design and then Angie tied it all together. The designs range from Toy Story 3 to basketballs, racing fire flames, Wisconsin, etc. See - Manny Photos - Kid  It was a very unexpected, special moment.
The adorable neighbor girls came over to play when Manny had strep. I had to turn the playdate down. They came back 30 minutes later with a huge sign on cardboard telling Manny to feel better with a picture of him.  See - Manny Photos - Kid  It was a very unexpected, special moment.
The other day, Eli went up to his bedroom and emptied his wallet, put his $8 in an envelope and wrote "Manny Wilke" on it. It was a very unexpected, special moment.
We have received many special notes lately from emails to cards from friends, cards from strangers. A dear friend wrote "Manny is going to rock out his surgeries and do great! As the card says, everything will be ok." A woman wrote "Please accept this check with our best wishes and prayers for successful surgeries. As grandparents to five, we share your hopes." Another woman wrote, "I am (your parent's friend's) mother and am thankful that I am able to help a little so that Manny will be able to hear after he has the surgery. I will be praying that everything is ok." Her little help was $500. It was a very unexpected, special moment.
On Tuesday, we went to the Beaver baseball game to Waupun. Well, we attempted to anyways. I locked my keys in my car in my garage, with my spare in my purse, in my car, in my garage. I had 5 minutes to get the boys from daycare and 30 minutes to get Eli to the baseball field 20 minutes away without a car. Thanks to Erin, save the day Broome, she was able to help me get the boys from daycare and Eli to Waupun. Once we got "rescued" from AAA inside my garage (!), I took Abe and Manny to the game. Within the 1st minute one child had a bloody nose and other pooped his pants.I often wonder why I attempt these events, but I know I provide the baseball parents total entertainment. On the way home, Manny helped Abe with speech in the car. In speech class Manny learns to split words so he can pronounce the syllables better. So, this is what I hear in the back seat....
Manny: "Abers, say BUTT"
Abe: "Buh"
Manny: "Abers, say CRACK" ("cwack")
Abe: "Ca"
Manny: "Abers, say BUTT CRACK"
Abe: "Buh Ca"
Manny: "GOOD JOB ABERS, YOU DID IT!!!" (followed by uncontrollable laughter...)
It was a very unexpected, special moment.
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