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in Cali for surgery #7!

posted Mar 29, 2013, 3:23 PM by Manny Wilke   [ updated Apr 2, 2013, 10:34 AM ]
We arrived at the hotel last night around 2am after a long travel day. But, it seems to go smoother and smoother with each trip. Then again, with each trip the size of the travel bags get smaller and smaller. No diapers, wipes, bottles, change of clothes and endless activities. Now that we are in an electronic world, all they need is some type of apparatus. 

We decided to not tell the boys until the day of as to reduce the pre-surgery anxiety that is associated with the anticipation of surgery, the visual of suitcases sitting out, etc. We also wanted to attempt to make it a "fun surprise" ...hey Manny, guess what - it's surgery time again! Woo-hoo! Although, I must say, we did a great job spinning it into a positive and he was SO happy to find out he was going back to CA for more surgery :) I even got through a surgery pre-op at Dr. Betsy's office and an appointment the day before we left for California with our local ENT as Manny's metal abutment/snap suddenly became LOOSE without him knowing. I am very appreciative of the doctors allowing me to speak "in code" with them.

It's the first time our family has come to California for a few days prior to surgery, so I'm hoping we can do a few fun things. Typically, we fly in the day prior to our pre-op, then surgery, then recovery with many limitations. This time, the boys will fly home and Manny and I will stay for surgery and then fly home. If all goes well, we'll come home next Friday and hopefully not return back to Cali for a post-op like we did last time. I'm still scarred from my 4 train adventure.

And what's in store for surgery #7? We have decided to close up the left ear canal. The ear drum is ruptured, which means no water (no swimming, no bath, no hair washing - easily at least) and the inner ear isn't functioning well anyways. We've decided to move forward, close it up, let technology advance, and re-open it in the future if possible. The blessing is that he can hear through his BAHA hearing aids and snaps, and that is all that matters! It obviously is not our ideal situation, was not our original goal, but we are making the best of it. He is a happy little boy who has come a loooong way, and I am reminded of that constantly when I look it pictures, see old therapy reports, or just go back down memory lane.

Today is Good Friday. We were able to walk the Dish in Palo Alto (my favorite) and go up in the mountains and look down over everything. It is always a very peaceful, surreal setting. We heard the birds singing and Manny asked, what is that? (Manny cannot localize sound which means he hears things, but cannot figure out where they are coming from...) And I said, it is the birds singing - we are so blessed that you can hear birds singing with your hearing aids because many people with hearing loss cannot hear the birds sing. And then Manny says, "Mom, do you think God is talking to us through the birds?" 

Yes, Manny, yes I do.