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Home Again, Croc Poop, Broken Hearing Aid, Laundry List, Flights Booked, Mommy's Home

posted Apr 13, 2012, 6:26 AM by Manny Wilke   [ updated Apr 17, 2012, 1:28 PM ]
We made it home after a long day of traveling (thanks to Coach Jane who had to leave the Waupun vs BD baseball game early to pick us up at the airport since Nate was still busy coaching). Our traveling was pretty smooth despite Manny stepping in poop in the airport bathroom. Never a dull moment. The good news is that we had just purchased new Crocs at the airport giftshop (I had been wanting to get them for sometime, but needed the boys with me for sizing), so I was able to simply wash them down.They paid for themselves in the first 5 minutes he put them on.
We were greeted by a clean house and a box from Fox studios. Apparently, Uncle Derek knows someone who is in charge of Angry Birds/Rio movie and they sent the boys a HUGE stuffed animal of the Mighty Eagle (bigger than Abe). Uncle Derek knows everyone, thank goodness we're related :) We were also greeted with dinner from Manny's friend, PJ, and her mom Effie. Yummy!
A strange situation occurred the first night before bed - Manny said that he didn't want to wear his hearing aid anymore and was crying. "I can hear now, I don't need one at school wears one but me." He was tired. He knew we were in CA to have him hear better. But, it was the first time he hasn't wanted to wear his hearing aid before and it broke my heart to have him realize he was different than his friends. I was wearing my glasses and explained to him that I wear glasses to see, just like he wears a hearing aid to hear - but that is why we were in CA to help him hear better. He was equally upset in the morning about it and "coincidentally" his hearing aid was all of a sudden broken. I'm not sure if he did it intentionally or not, but it made for a great lesson when he went to go watch tv and couldn't hear it without his hearing aid. I overheard him say, "Abers, can you hear the tv?....hmmm". While he can hear better, he still can't hear well enough to not have it on. His hearing should progress within the next month. In fact, his Deaf & Hard of Hearing Teacher, Mary,and the school Audiologist, Brenda, met with him on Wednesday and did some tests with him and noticed an improvement already - yeah!... After we put on his back-up/2nd hearing aid, he no longer complained about wearing it.. We'll see what happens. His infection is still in his Right Ear, but we're switching to a new Rx so hopefully that will work.
Exhaustion has set in but not as bad as the first couple of surgeries...but probably moreso for my mom. She worked her tail off out in Cali helping me with the boys. I told her that she was going be like Coco returning from the dog kennel - lying in bed and not moving for 3 days. I haven't slept in probably a solid month and I'm looking forward to catching up.I am wondering though - who is going to make me breakfast, vacuum my room, put out fresh towels and make my bed. I am sort of missing the Hampton.
I have a laundry list of to-do's, besides laundry. Make follow-up Audiologist appointments, ENT appointments, finish my taxes, go through the bills, catch up on WORK!, deal with insurance, plan Eli's party this Sunday, Nate's 40th next weekend, send back the broken hearing aid to Colorado, let alone booking flights for the August surgery in Los Angeles with Dr Lewin (which I did yesterday) and coordinate all of those travel plans.
Last night I took the boys to the Waupun vs BD baseball game. One parent came up to me and said, your son, the bat boy, was only wearing a little t-shirt at the game Tuesday and we were all looking at him just shivering. I see today he is dressed warmly. What happened?
And I simply responded, "Mommy's home!"