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Here we go again....! Monday=TMHTM t-shirt day! Accessible park/Sophia, hugs

posted Jul 27, 2011, 7:19 AM by Manny Wilke   [ updated Jul 27, 2011, 7:40 AM ]
Well, we head back to Cali tomorrow for adventure #2. While we are excited about getting Manny his other ear and opening up his ear canal, the thought of being gone another 3 weeks has been draining the system, along with the recent fear of Manny catching some sickness (Abe was coughing yesterday) and everyone had headaches. Yesterday, pjs were on by 6:30 and I was ready for bed - it felt like what I had experienced a week after we came home - being plowed over by a Mac truck. But, today I'm ready to get my act together, finish packing, laundry, pick up house, and conquer my to-do list of 21 items.
Thanks to all of of friends who have been checking in. Thanks to Staci P who ran out last minute to get Manny a new Under Armour skull cap since his other one is stretched out with blood stains - ok, 21>20, to Laurie who is buying us lunch today at Culvers, and to Grandma Sue who made us tuna fish casserole last night. Thanks to newly retired teacher Lynn Sharkey who came over to give us an unofficial speech therapy session before we left for Cali and to teacher MaryMarshmallows for Manny's new airplane activity book (and for coming to his t-ball game!). Thanks to the people at church who came up to us on Sunday and wished us the best and thanks to the fill-in pastor who talked about walking on water and to not doubt. It was a great message going into this next week. Thanks to Andy Martin and his prayer group for keeping us in their thoughts, and for taking awesome pics of Legion batboy Eli. Oh, and thanks to Yvonne who helped sew back together Manny's stuffed dinosaur that is a must-have for surgery.
Monday will be another TMHTM t-shirt day! Please think and pray for him during his 10 hour surgery.
If you want to see something cool, check out Tanya (Ferron) Kircher's new video
they put together for a grant to get money towards an accessible park in BD. Sophia is also hoping to raise funds for an upcoming surgery. For more information on the park or her surgery conact Tanya:
and here are some hugs going out to my friend, Niki and to Aunt Cookie....xoxoxo