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Happy tears

posted Apr 18, 2011, 9:28 AM by Manny Wilke   [ updated Apr 18, 2011, 10:59 AM ]
The kindess and thoughtfulness is often overhwelming - I've cried more happy tears in the past week than I have in my entire life. And, I'm not a cryer.
On Friday, after Eli's birthday party, we came home and he was trying on his new "skull cap" - like what the pro football players wear. He really wanted it because Manny got one for surgery. He was asking me some questions about surgery/calendar and I'm not sure what happened exactly but he said "so, Manny will get ears next month?" And I said, Eli, Manny will have an ear hopefully in a week or so. And, because of everyone's generosity, he will have another ear in August. That is why you have to go through all of this - the parties, the newspapers, all of the Manny attention - so that Manny doesnt have to have continuous surgeries for 2 years - and mommy doesnt have to be gone as much. He looked at me, got some HUGE grin and just locked eyes with me for what seemed like an eternity. It was a little strange almost as I wasnt sure where it was headed. And then, a breakthrough, and he started sobbing. He climbed into my lap on the kitchen floor and we sat there for ten minutes, crying, and he said "I'm so happy, I'm just so happy". He had been a little stinker all week, to me specifically, ever since I told him I'd be gone 3 weeks and my guess is that for some reason he still thought we were doing the 5-7 surgeries. I try to keep the surgery talk to a minimum around him - did I not tell him we were only doing 2-4 surgeries? Oops. My B-A-D. For his birthday, we gave him a little suitcase. You can imagine how thrilled a 9 year old is to receive a suitcase for his birthday. Inside the suitcase was a little note that said  - you need a suitcase to travel to Los Angeles to see your brother and mommy over Mother's Day weekend. His eyes lit up like I've never seen before. Again, lots of happy tears for all. At then end of all of this, I plan to start a organization to help siblings of special needs children called Special Siblings. I've already rounded up some troups to help me. It is underestimated need - believe me - it is more of a need than you know.... More details to come :)
Other happy tears - today when I took Manny to pre-school, a mom who I unfortunately hardly know wore her TMHTM t-shirt today for Manny's final day of class. Mrs. Steinberg, Manny's teacher, had put together a box filled of school activities, along with stickers and a booklet for Manny, filled with his school friends photos and a picture they had each colored for Manny. Another mom, Angie, gifted us a webcam so that we can use it to video conference family/friends while we are away and had brought silent auction gift baskets for the Madison fundraiser.
Happy Birthday to Nate today & Eli yesterday! The birthday weekend was the final check off, and now we focus on .... leaving for Cali ... and finalizing the 4 pages of detailed notes I have for our family to help with the kiddos. My girlfriend, Laurie, goes "I cant believe it's only 4..."
Thank you to Staci, for my airplane book, Shelley/Sue for my post-surgery back to BD massages, Laurie for making us dinner tomorrow, mom for my travel goodies, and Pops/Bev for my stock of antiseptic travel stuff!  And, thank you to Pastor Mau for the special Manny prayer at church yesterday and to all the church friends for their hugs and prayers.
Thank you so much for your donation: C/H Otte,  BD Chapter if Special Touch Ministry