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Happy Halloween! No more dancing, back to Cali, new belts, slow & old

posted Oct 31, 2012, 7:57 AM by Manny Wilke   [ updated Oct 31, 2012, 8:01 AM ]
Happy Halloween! Although I feel like we have been celebrating Halloween for a month. We leave for California today so I took down the decorations so I don't have to look at more Halloween when we return from California. I feel like we've spent almost every holiday out in California. Our first Halloween event was his Elementary school dance. Manny was nervous about his first official dance because apparently he is no longer a dancer. "Dancing is for girls. I'm not dancing at the dance, mom. Everytime you take me to dance class, it's just girls." That made me really sad because that boy has some serious rhythm and I really enjoy watching him dance. So, we get to the dance and within 5 minutes he is front and center on the dance floor dragging Abe up with him, basically telling the music teacher to move out of his way of "his" dance floor space by the dj table. Reminded me of my college days....right Bev, Melis, Ang, Heather, Jenni, Elisa, Val?!!
We finally told our kids about Manny and I heading back to California at the dinner table one night. Manny said, "Do I have more surgery, mom?" .... "Yes, Manny, you do." .... his response - "Whatever, mom." as if he doesn't even care he is so used to it. Then I said, "But, this time, instead of hanging out in California for an extra week we are flying home so you can play with your brothers and go to school! Then we'll fly back for some appointments and come back home again. Isn't that AWESOME we can go home this trip, assuming you recover well? I'm so happy!"....Manny's response: "Nah, I'd rather go see Uncle Derek and go to the beach. I don't want to go home." The other boys have been ok but you can still feel the emotions and confusion. Abe wore Manny's hearing aid band (without a hearing aid) the entire day a few days ago and said that he needed to go to California too "because his arm hurts".
Yesterday, I received a couple of special notes and inspiration just as I was feeling overwhelmed about leaving today:
"Someone so young who has gone through so much with such strength and grace, inspiring an ol' gal like me. You are just, one very special person. I waver a bit with how I believe. I 'usually', personally, don't believe God gives illnesses or disabilities or disasters or children's suffering etc, to people. I think he gives us life, his promise, and his love and arms for comfort. Yet, when I witness what and how someone like Manny, can change, influence, inspire so many who enter his world, then I begin to second guess my beliefs."
"Anyone can give up; it's the easiest thing in the world to do. But to hold it together when everyone else would understand if you fell apart, that's true strength." - Christopher Reeves
With that all being said, we get to leave on a high note. Abe and Manny both passed their karate testing yesterday and earned new karate belts. They are so excited! We'll have to take a month off of karate and activites so it was a nice way to finish it off. After karate, Grandma Sue babysat so Eli and I could play some hoops together at the YMCA. "Your getting slow and old mom." Yeah, I know. It was a great last night.
Special thanks to our family for helping us juggle the four pages of schedule notes to get kids here and there over the next few weeks.
Over and out.