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Happy Birthday, Hearing, Captain Manny, Imperfect

posted May 1, 2012, 12:38 PM by Manny Wilke
Last week Wednesday I woke up and looked at the calendar and was trying to figure out the signficance of April 25th? And then I finally figured it out.....Manny's Right Ear was one year old....our first surgery was 4/25/11.  We celebrated by singing Happy Birthday to it (Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Right Ear, Happy Birthday to you...) and then Manny asked if we could go get Dairy Queen for its birthday. And since it doesn't take much of a reason to go to DQ, we did. He announced his ear's birthday at daycare and at school - he was pretty proud - it was cute.
Last week I began noticing that his hearing in his Left ear, the one he just had surgery on, was not hearing as well. I then had Manny's Deaf & Hard of Hearing Teacher test it and she thought it wasn't hearing as well as when we first got home post surgery <sighhh>. I sure hope and pray that the hearing test results next week show different results. The whole thing is almost becoming numb....I just don't want to even think about it anymore...we're all just exhausted and Manny is tired of us getting excited about his improved hearing, testing and retesting his hearing every night, feeling our growing disappointment and frustration. He wants to make us so proud and he is becoming more and more aware of the situation. Of course, none of this is in his control....nor ours.
Instead of the tears this time around (and because we really don't know the true results), I'm somewhat more accepting of whatever is to be. I'm trying to hold on to sayings like "Yesterday is History. Tomorrow is a Mystery. Today is a Gift" as well as things Manny (or my other kids) say or do that is all because of California. The other day, Manny took off all of his bedding off of his bed, lined up books in two rows, with necklaces and swim goggles on each. "Mommy, Abe and I are playing airplane, go take a seat (on a book). So I did. "Now, when we land on the water, you must put on your swim googles. Would you like a snack? Abe, do you want to be the pilot now?" We did have a successful annual Cardiology appointment to check his bicuspid aortic valve (you should have a tricuspid...they monitor his to make sure it doesn't enlarge, leak, eventually he may need surgery) - and that is always a great reality check as I sit there holding his hand during his Echos. Ears, big whooop.
My dad gave Nate a book for this birthday called "Imperfect, An Improbable Life" - the story of Tim Abbott, the MLB pitcher with one hand who ended up playing for the Angels and the Yankees, even pitching a no-hitter. But, I swiped it from Nate and started reading it instead and can understand and relate to several parts of the book already - One book review states...<As Abbott's star rises, so does his role as champion to disabled youngsters. "I didn't see them coming, not in the numbers they did," he writes. "They were shy and beautiful, and they were loud and funny, and they were, like me, somehow imperfectly built. And, like me, they had parents nearby, parents who willed themselves to believe that this accident of circumstance or nature was not a life sentence, and that the spirits inside these tiny bodies were greater than the sums of their hands and feet.">