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Groceries, Beach, TV, Mama, Paint, Airplane Mode

posted Aug 5, 2011, 9:34 PM by Manny Wilke   [ updated Aug 6, 2011, 10:22 AM ]
Yesterday we woke up and went to the grocery store, where Manny loaded up on all the yummies he could find - cupcakes, juice, and fruit roll ups. That is why I do not take my kids to the grocery store. He also got a worker to give him a balloon that was part of a display! After I got some work done we took a cab to the beach and Manny bigwheeled, played in the sand, and enjoyed a smoothie.
We did try to track down my step-brother's Ben & Jeff, but Manny's bigwheeling was really slowwww so we missed them. I could not believe how he was able to be outside for those hours, having surgery 3 days prior. We made spaghetti (Manny's favorite meal) and it was so nice to have a homecooked meal, even if it was my cooking. After dinner, Manny went to the porch and apparently "sent his balloon to Jesus".  Manny's friend, Ava, stopped by too! At the end of the night, I grabbed a movie to watch in bed after Manny fell asleep. Manny and I both woke up 10.5 hours later, with the movie still in my hand. I don't think I've slept that much since college.
Today Manny sat and watched tv all morning - literally, all morning. He didn't watch any at all last time we were here, which was difficult as I never got a break and he was so "dangerous" - continually jumping and wired. So, I let him watch it and we both enjoyed every minute of it :) And, I got some work and laundry done - I was almost down to swimsuit bottoms, Angie (!). I was able to talk to the boys back in BD as they left the ballpark, but it was difficult to hear Abe, which was frusturating as I hardly get to talk to him trying to match up schedules and time zones. We've avoided Skype this trip as I think it made things worse last time - it was too hard on all of us. But, I guess he woke up this morning yelling "mama, mama....."  :) and :(  I also spoke with a California mom today of 1 year old twin girls with microtia and emailed her my letters to insurance to help get her BAHA hearing aids covered.
Manny and I walked/strollered to ArtZone
today to do some painting and playing with "goo" and clay (this picture he painted for his daddy). I've been madly researching safe things to do! No parks, no water, no rides, no injuries! At the ArtZone I started conversation with a mom whose girls' had on House Ear Institute shirts, a place I've heard of. Her husband, profoundly deaf (wears cochlear implants), is a biochemist from UCLA and works there. She said, he is very successful because his parents always treated him normally.
Last surgery at this time (Friday) I was really homesick and wasn't sure how I would go another week without seeing my boys. This time I'm in a much better mental place and I am treasuring the 1-on-1 time. Sorta like you put your phone on "airplane mode" I've had to put my "missing my boys" on "airplane mode". Tonight, after Manny and read a book, he layed down and we turned off the lights. After about a minute of silence, he whispered "thank you, mommy" and rolled over and went to sleep. That's all I needed to keep me going on airplane mode.
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