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Great Grandma Nanny, Doc Appts, Walk4Hearing

posted May 16, 2011, 10:22 AM by Manny Wilke   [ updated May 16, 2011, 11:16 AM by Derek Hildebrandt ]
Here is a picture of Nanny from the 4/1 Good Shepherd Manny Benefit, sporting her TMHTM t-shirt! Shortly thereafter, she had emergency surgery and just never really recovered. Unfortunately, she passed away just before the Brink fundraiser, but Bucky took a picture with her at the event. We said our final goodbyes yesterday to Nanny and I asked the funeral director to place her TMHTM t-shirt with her. She loved the Good Shepherd benefit and following Manny's story and we are blessed to have her as another angel as we continue along this journey. In lieu of flowers my dad suggested Manny donations in the obit, which I thought was really thoughtful - I'm sure Nanny loved that.
We made our deposits today from the Brink and also wired out the $5k for the next surgery. Today I plan to inform the family about the next set of babysitting dates (!) and start looking into plane tickets again. Here we go again!
I did reschedule some appts today to bump them up earlier - we will be meeting with Dr Danny Yaish in Beaver Dam tomorrow to help me look at those 3 areas of concern. The silver nitrate and me didn't exactly agree. How great is that he is an ENT and facial plastic surgeon? YEAH! I also bumped up Manny's audiology appt before the insurance expiration date - which is great because we'll know about his hearing results that much sooner.
Thank you to Alicia Boehme and family for sporting their TMHTM t-shirts yesterday at the national Walk4Hearing in Milwaukee. Team Oliver raised the most amount of money last year for the Walk4Hearing cause and is Manny's good buddy! To donate to Team Oliver and Walk4Hearing:
Now that we had our last fundraiser, got through Nanny's funeral, it will be time to get the house back in order, catch up with work, and regain some normalcy - whatever that is. The family is slowly adjusting, but Eli has had 3 limbs bandaged in the last 2 days (leg, finger, foot) - (hmmmmmmm) - and none of the kids are sleeping all..and there are lots of temper tantrums. I think mom being back is screwing everything up! And, Nate is wondering where his dinner is as GJ had it prepared every night? Thanks for making me look bad, mom! ha!