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GBO, Croup, Birthday Party, Rotary

posted Oct 5, 2011, 11:13 AM by Manny Wilke   [ updated Oct 18, 2011, 1:32 PM ]
My brother's annual fundraiser, the Greater Bucky Open, was a huge success again this year. I cannot believe it was the 15th annual. On Thursday we handed out toys with Bucky Badger and football players (including QB RUSSELL WILSON) and the families were so happy to see them.
It is amazing how wonderful these big burly football players are with the children and what a great life lesson they learn at such a young age. This year, I got to tour the 4th floor of the American Family Children's Hospital. We got to talk and say hello with many children facing cancer. We also went to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, where Manny was once a little patient. While it is an emotional event every year, this year just really caught me off guard when I saw little infants all hooked up to the wire, tubes in the metal framed cribs with the football players surrounding them. It felt like yesterday the football players were visiting Manny in the PICU. How far that little boy has come. A huge thanks to all my best girlfriends for making the trip to Madison to sell raffle tickets at Hole 10 during the golf event at Bishops Bay. It was a record year in raffle money and in fun.
Because of such a fun weekend, we all got run down, but Manny especially. Last night was an all nighter with Manny's horrible cough/croup - coughing so hard that he was throwing up. This is something he gets frequently during the winter - it comes on fast and fierce. His little lungs are weak. As he chills in his jammies today he watches tv and says "Mommy there is an elephant on tv with two big boy ears!" (Dumbo - I guess we better rent that movie).  I'm hoping he bounces back tomorrow as we celebrate his birthday on Friday. The Man is turning 5. What I just realized though is out of 7 friends, I only invited 1 boy. Oops. That's how he rolls.
On Monday, Manny and I were guest speakers at the Rotary meeting, talking about surgery. Manny started writing in a notebook and would interject throughout our talk - MOMMY, ELI, ABE, DADDY, and then he drew a heart and shouts "JESUS LOVES ME" :)