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"Fantastic, thanks!", 1st Day of School

posted Sep 10, 2011, 5:14 AM by Manny Wilke   [ updated Sep 19, 2011, 8:32 AM ]
Nate said that he had read my last post and thought it was way too negative. Well, I didn't know he even read these, so "hi, Nate"! :) And, Happy 12th Anniversary tomorrow! He said that Manny loves his ears so who cares. And, when I sat down and rethunk it (hmm, whatever the word is) he was right....and I don't admit that often. I went to edit the post and about 10 seconds into it, I decided not to. That is how I felt at the moment and I haven't changed a post yet so why start now.
When people ask "how is Manny?", they are asking about Manny. And Manny is Fantastic. He really is. He is happy, he loves his big boy ears, and he is healthy. I really couldn't ask for more. Now, if someone was to ask "How are Manny's ears?" They are good, they really are. They are healing, and they are improving everyday. He is hearing better than he was, his speech is improving, and he is wearing sunglasses almost every day! So, perhaps next time I should say, "Manny is fantastic, thanks!"
Manny had his first day of school this week. He had been counting down the days - he was so excited. He loves our pre-school at Good Shepherd.
This year we are going to do some things different - both our Hearing Therapist and our Speech Therapist will come to Good Shepherd to work with Manny during the week. I was able to meet with our Hearing Therapist, Mary Kahler, and the School Audiologist, Brenda Kiesow, after school and they both were in amazement on how great his ears looked and how well he was hearing. They hadn't worked with him since May and I was thankful to hear this great news. Mary said that typically she had to work with Manny in close range but this session he was much further away, walking around and talking - telling lots and lots of stories. In fact, he told them it was Eli's birthday (and it wasn't) so they wished Eli a Happy Birthday! It was pretty funny. It's great to hear comments from people who haven't seen him in awhile because they really notice the difference, compared to me seeing him day to day.