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ENT, Audiology, Thankful papers

posted Nov 21, 2011, 12:45 PM by Manny Wilke   [ updated Nov 21, 2011, 2:26 PM ]
Last Monday we had an ENT appointment to clean out his ears prior to his hearing test and address his ongoing ear infection. The doctor noticed that he also had a small preforation in his ear drum as well, which may mend on it's own otherwise he'll need a skin graft repair during surgery. Later that day we went to Childrens in Milwaukee for his Audiology re-test from a month ago. Deaf & Hard of Hearing Teacher, Mary Kahler, also came with us. In fact, she took a personal day. Teachers only get 2 a blessings to her. She wanted to make sure he tested well as it would result in surgery next steps... Well, Manny did a great job testing for nearly 2 hours. It is hard to do. It's hot, it's tiring, and trying to listen to beeps and white noise isn't exactly exciting. He did a great job but unfortunately the results were the same as last time. His Right ear has shown improvement since surgery and his Left ear is really bad.... no one knows why. The doctor thinks his middle ear bones may have fused together during the healing process, or scar tissue has built up - he has never seen results like it. At one point after surgery he wasn't wearing his hearing aid and now his hearing is really compromised. But, the good news is that we can do surgery. And, with his hearing aid on he hears fine - so to him, nothing has really changed and he continues on his way. We are in the process of scheduling the 1st of probably 3 more surgeries. I was hoping to get started before year end, so as to be healed by swimming season, but I'm not sure that is an option. 
We have had some troubles with Manny's headband/elastic cutting into his Left ear. It is making an indention which makes me concerned because it would be really bad to expose the medpor implant. Ironically enough, this weekend we cleaned out his closet and I found a Nike headband we had manipulated and sewn elastic into such that it would hold his hearing aid properly  without buzzing. Not only is this soft, it stays put on his super fine hair and he feels like a rockstar with his headband. Amazing what happens when you clean.
Well, we're having 25 relatives over for Thanksgiving. Little do they know they will be writing on a piece of paper what they are thankful for this year so we can read them out loud. Despite the chaos, despite the less-than-ideal results right now, I'm not sure there are enough thankful papers for me to fill out this year. Happy Thanksiving everyone!
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