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ENT, Audiology Appt, New Buddy Brody, Packer game, Urgent Care

posted Oct 21, 2011, 12:47 PM by Manny Wilke   [ updated Oct 21, 2011, 7:27 PM ]
Last Thursday Manny had his monthly ENT appt to clean out ears (his ears will never be able to kick out wax like ours) and get all prepped for his hearing test Friday. On the tv screen you could see a white rectangle, which looked like a slug. We thought it might be the malleus, but in talking with Dr Roberson, it is his incus, with his ear drum wrapped around it holding it in place. There is really nothing protecting it, you can see it directly. This is not typical of a "normal" ear but is typical of a reconstructed ear canal.
On Friday, we traveled to Milwaukee Children's for his hearing test. Unfortunately, the results were poor on his new ear, which we thought was hearing really well and had great expectations after surgery. In fact, a month after surgery Manny wasn't wearing his hearing aids. We are not sure what happened, but the results were disappointing, to put it mildly. I did speak with Dr Roberson who thought the results were definitely not ideal but some things/results didn't exactly add he wants to repeat the test in a month. It could be fluid behind the ears from his 2 week croupy cough/cold, new scar tissue has formed in the healing process, an "injury" to the inner ear, Manny not cooperating in the test properly, etc. I was really hoping to be able to start planning the next two surgery dates (inner ear Right, combined Left-Right stage 2 outer ear) after this appt, but now we need to wait another month to see the next results. The good news is that as long as his inner ear/cochlea/nerve is working well, we have surgical options and room for improvement. But, I must admit, many tears were shed. I often forget this is a "journey" and am looking too quickly for "the finish line".
On a positive note, on Saturday we went to Montello for Brody Henke's Harvest for Hearing fundraiser. He is 2 and has on-the-ball parents who have already started fundraising for his surgeries. Brody's mom, Ashley, contacted me after she saw the NBC 15 news story on Manny. We have been in touch via facebook ever since and it was so great to participate in someone else's event! The kids had a great time at their pumpkin patch event. Her mom came up to me and hugged me with tears in her eyes, as she has been following our journey online.
In addition, Manny was invited to his first Packer game for post surgery celebration thanks to Duane & Kathy Foulkes. We had a great time, despite his loud cough (sorry everyone, but that is just how he coughs due to his TE Fistula surgery at birth). Of course, the Packers wore blue throw-back jerseys which had Manny all confused, he didn't think he was at a Packer game at first.
On Monday, I did take him to Urgent Care to get some steroids, a nebulizer treatment, but really to see if there was fluid behind the ears (to make me feel better about the hearing test). Unfortunately, the Nurse Practioner didn't really want to look for fluid as she didn't want to risk hurting his middle ear as it was "not typical", which is good, I was just hoping for an "answer". I love walking into the Urgent Care - so, has Emmanuel had any previous surgeries? ....
God bless Manny's healing ears and his improved hearing! xoxoxo