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ENT appts, Kindergarten, WPP, Emmanuel

posted Feb 15, 2012, 12:16 PM by Manny Wilke
We've had a few local ENT appointments lately as it was "tight medially" - meaning, his ear canal by his ear drum had closed up some. So, our local ENT, Dr Danny, had us come back after a few days to recheck it. He wanted to get the opinion of Dr Roberson, our surgeon, as what to do so I was able to do a conference call right at Manny's appointment. It was great to have them finally both talk to each other, like when you get excited to set two people up on a blind date! Dr Danny put in a "wick" with special steroid cream to open up the canal and he rechecked it yesterday. It seems to have worked, but he'll keep an eye on it as we return on Friday to take out the silastic disc (clear ring). On a positive note, Manny seems to be hearing much better from his Right ear. I don't want to get overly excited, but I'm very encouraged.
Tomorrow I sign Manny up for Kindergarten. Crazy how time goes so slow and yet how it flies by. It has been an adventurous few years. He will be able to attend the same, mainstream, school that Eli attends....this was always an unknown. Manny's new speech therapist is located at the same school, so that will be easy and his Deaf & Hard of Hearing therapist will have to come from another Elementary school to work with him. Perhaps he will not even need those services eventually!
I've been working on the Waterworks Park Project, creating an "all accessible" and "community built" park in Beaver Dam. It will have features for all abilities - wheelchair, autistm, deaf & hard of hearing....I'm SO excited to be part of the project. It also just happens to be across the street from my house. Like us on facebook!
Oh, and Manny is still not Manny, he is Emmanuel. At one point he said "Manny can't hear. Emmanuel can."