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ENT Appt, Birthday plans, GBO

posted Sep 19, 2011, 8:32 AM by Manny Wilke
We had another follow-up appt with our local ENT last week. He said that the canal was healing well and that Manny should be able to swim in a few more weeks, hopefully sometime by his birthday (Oct 7). We are thinking about surpising him by taking him to the Dells (we've never been) after we get clearance as a birthday gift. I guess a waterpark would be a nice way to celebrate the first swim in a very, very, very long time - probably last winter. We also submitted pics to both surgeons. Dr Lewin said that the new ear was looking good, but with excessive scar tissue by "the bowl and canal". Last night I tried the Mary Kay microdermabrasion on Manny's first big ear and it looked a little better today I think! Dr Roberson said to definitely wait for our local ENT's clearance for swimming, to beef up the ear drops, and to be very careful with the new ear plugs as they could hurt the ear drum. The next major appt is Manny's hearing test in October - that will dictate the future steps and surgeries. No pressure, right?
Manny has been counting down the days to his birthday. Only 18 days to go. Let's just say we will celebrate with Party Hats since this will be the first time he can officially wear one with two big ears. He wants a Spiderman birthday at Rocky Yo Yos. (Rocky Rococcos). Oh, and he also wants "one of those things, you hit with a big stick and candy falls out". Manny, have we not seen America's Funniest Home videos?
Uncle Derek's, Greater Bucky Open charitable fundraiser is quickly approaching. I think there is only 1-2 more foursomes open for the annual golf event on Friday, Sept 30th. If anyone has silent auction items, sponsorship, donations or wants to golf check out . Money goes to support the family meals program in the Greater Bucky Open family lounge in the Oncology/Hematology ward at the UW American Family Children's Hospital, with a small % going towards the bucky badger student mascot scholarship program. I am really looking forward to doing our annual hospital tour next Thursday, handing out toys with Bucky to all of the children and their families. This fundraiser is very near and dear to our family!