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Easter Sunday, Catastrophize, Dr Appt, Wheels Spinning, Thema & Louise, Airport

posted Apr 10, 2012, 4:51 AM by Manny Wilke   [ updated Apr 10, 2012, 5:02 AM ]
Manny's Right ear was still very infected on Sunday morning, oozing out all over his pillow case (sorry, Hampton Inn) but the doc said that it will not clear for 48 hours. We were planning on going to church but because of this infection, we thought we should stay away from the crowd "masses" on Easter Sunday. It really stunk not going to church on Easter but that's just the way it goes. We then headed back to our Godfamily's house for an entire day of Easter Egg hunting, "Egg Smashing" and a yummy dinner - all outside. It was a really wonderful day, topped off by another walk at the Dish (while Abe napped and GJ/Manny were back at the hotel resting), where I could celebrate Easter inside my head.
Monday Manny's Right ear now seemed infected and slightly bloody. I started to catastrophize (says Judy) where my head starts running down different worst case scenario paths. What if his ear drum ruptured again?  Last time he started infections, it lasted for 3 months and needed his entire ear canal resurfaced via surgery. What if I cannot go home and he needs more surgery? On no, will I miss Eli's birthday party Sunday? Or will I go home and have to fly back out again?
Luckily, we were able to get in with the Dr at 10am, so my catastrophizing was limited to only a few hours. While in the waiting room, Manny saw another boy across the room, about 10 years old, with a BAHA headband on, similar to Manny's (although no one is cool enough to sport a custom Nike headband) and right away Manny askes for crayons and paper. He starts making this boy a sign. "I like your hearing aid" and then he proceeded to walk over to him and give him the note. It made my heart pause a little to think of Manny's wheels spinning. It made me a very proud mama.
They cleaned out both ears and said his Right Ear was looking just fine, to continue the Rx ear drops, and they didn't see a tear in the ear drum (although it is difficult to see because his canal is so small and his canal is unnaturally curved). His Left Ear (surgery 1 week ago today) was almost all healed! We did not have packing this time, nor a big post-op follow-up calendar with our ENT (this surgery they did not lift the entire medpor implant like they did last surgery - they were able to go right through the ear drum, making recovery time easier and less invasive). The then used "tuning forks" which was new to me. They placed these metal objects on the bone behind his ear to test his bone conduction hearing. Then, they placed it over his ear canal and asked him which one was louder. It was louder over his ear canal which means....
surgery just may have worked.
But, we'll have to see in a month at a hearing test. If this is successful, then maybe we'll eventually look at doing the same thing again to the Right Ear, but not anytime soon. So, please pray IT WORKS! Dr Roberson said we did not have to return today for our "official post-op" so we said our goodbyes. Again, how lucky we are to be in the hands of Dr Roberson (and Dr Goldzstein) - they are super!
We left the appt feeling 50 pounds lighter. And then, Grammy J and I looked at eachother and it felt like Thelma and Louise - let's get out of here on a roadtrip since we now have a "bonus day" - and we headed a short 40 minutes to Pier 39 in San Fran for lunch, ice cream and a carousel ride. It was a fantastic way to end Surgery #4.
We leave this morning for the airport and say Goodbye California, until we meet again in August (but it will be LA). And, hopefully this will be the last day I'm up at 2am with my wheels spinning, for awhile anyways. Updated pics at Photos 4-3-12 surgery, including the tuning forks!