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Dr Visit, Movie, Sit Down Food, Short Calls, Adios!

posted Jan 19, 2012, 7:29 AM by Manny Wilke   [ updated Jan 20, 2012, 9:09 PM ]
When Manny woke up we were allowed to take off his head dressing. When I did, a lot of it was stuck to his scalp because of the dry blood. So, we decided to go back to the Dr's office to have the experts do it instead! They were able to clean up his face and ear as well which was bloody. I asked if the Dr had stapled something to his face because he had two sets of blue pinprick bruises on his face. He laughed and said, no, but that it is where the facial nerve monitor goes. They have to make sure they do not operate near the nerve as it could cause facial paralyzation. Manny has a slight hemifacial microsmia (slight paralyzation of the face on one side - he looks like a pirate when he smiles, cannot raise one eyebrow, and tongue doesn't work as properly on one side affecting speech). The Dr commented that it is common with Microtia & Atresia patients that the facial nerve takes an abnormal course and may be damaged in utero.
Afterwards, we went to a little free zoo/children's play museum and then to eat and a "sit down restaurant" - we don't do that often :)  Manny was totally wiped out so we headed back to our hotel (2 towns away) and decided to splurge and rent a movie on the hotel tv! Mr Popper's Penguins is a super movie, we all laughed throughout it! We then headed back and watched some of Monterra's basketball game (Godfamily) and went with them to yet another sit-down restaurant - a Artesian pizza place (pizza places in California is not Dominos pizza options was "Baked Potato Pizza" and you can imagine Nate's expression). It was a great last night in the area (with the exception of two 20 minute crabby attacks from Manny - I think he needed Tylenol which of course I did not bring with me as he didn't take it all day).
We are really missing Abe. Some phone calls go great, some do not. In the morning Abe was whining "I want to go in there" over and over and over. He wanted to go in the phone to see us and be with us. Later, he and Manny sang songs back and forth to eachother for 15 minutes and laughing! I've learned to cut the calls short to always leave it on a positive note. He's had a great time playing at GJ's and Aunt Val's house this week and gets to see his friends at daycare today.
Today, Eli and Nate head back home and get in really late. When Abe wakes up he will see his Big Bro Eli (Nate will probably already be at work) - so I'm excited for him. Rumor is it that it is cold (zero degrees) and snowy at home - it's "only" 50's here. Manny and I will attempt the 7 hour drive from San Jose Airport to LAX, where Uncle D will pick us up. Wish us luck.