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Dr Playdate, Fart App, Boys, TYs

posted Aug 11, 2011, 10:57 AM by Manny Wilke   [ updated Aug 11, 2011, 2:34 PM ]
At our Monday appt with Dr Lewin, she asked us if we'd be interested in getting together with her kids for ice cream on Tuesday! So, Manny and I cabbed to Yogurtland in Manhattan Beach to meet with her and her adorable kids Geoffrey and Kaci at the most wonderful place in the world - serve it yourself yogurt and endless toppings. Afterwards, she suggested that we take it to Polywog Park and that I could follow we walk there..I don't have a car? So, Manny and I hopped in her car (!!!!) and we all went to the park. It was so fun and they were shooting a commercial for Aflac, so all of these people are trying to hush kids on the playground (give me a break) at 4pm on a beautiful afternoon.  Dr Lewin had the afternoon off for the first time in ages as a surgery cancelled and she chose to spend it with us - crazy! We had a blast playing in the park, and Manny was running all over the place which made me so nervous - but at least I was with his surgeon if anything went wrong.
(see pic of Dr Lewin playing on equipment with Manny and her kids). One little boy pushed Manny and I could hear Geoff say "did you just push my friend - don't do that" and I could hear Kaci say "You shouldn't stare at him. That's not nice. It's ok to be different and he just had surgery." I wonder if I could borrow them everyday at the park since Manny sure becomes an "attraction" and receives many questions and stares. After the park, Geoff (Eli's age) asked if we could go to dinner with them and asked Manny if he wanted to eat "filet" - I assumed he meant filet o fish, of course :)  Dr Lewin laughed and said "oh, my kids are so LA" - ha ha.  Her daughter (8) wanted to go get Lebonese food and I was like - do they serve chicken tenders or something? So, we ended up at California Pizza Kitchen and then they drove us back to Redondo Beach. On the way back I taught her very well mannered children about the Fart App (which I totally hate, but Nate and the boys constantly giggle) and she retaliated by teaching Manny the Youtube Annoying Orange. It was such a great time and I was so thankful of her and her children's precious time. She really is one in a million and we are so blessed to have found her.
Manny is doing pretty well, until he tried to do a tripod (dah) with an earcup and a very raw top of his head. He looked at me with huge bug eyes and was like OUCH!!!! We also forgot to put in his earplug last night and his ear canal was really closed up today. But, we can fix that throughout the day or two.
Pictures to come - but I'm patiently (or not) waiting for Nate's text to say that they've landed at LAX!!!!!! I'm so excited to see the family!!! It's been 2 weeks since I've seen Abers. I just picked up the rental car- but the walk took us forever. At every block Manny had to bust out one of his Hip Hop moves.
Thank you so much for some mailed goodies: girlfriend Laney for her lottery ticket/card, Pastor/Sherry Mau for their card and stickers, Grammy J for her big box of goodies, friends Heather/Michelle/Melissa/Angie for the Harry & David fruit basket, Ladies of Good Shepherd for card/stickers, Grandma Sue for Dodger game cash, and Lynn Taetsch (heather's mom) for her Spiderman goodies (etc) and Starbucks caffeine gift card...she must be reading :) And of course, for everyone's well wishes, notes, prayers. THANK YOU!!!