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Doc Lewin says "I'm so happy"... Steriod cream, "Man In The Mirror" fb, Blackberries

posted May 22, 2011, 7:14 PM by Manny Wilke   [ updated May 23, 2011, 7:24 AM ]
On Friday I spoke with Dr Lewin (42 minutes by the way) on her drive home from work. I had emailed her the pics of Manny's ear and the first words were "I'm so happy!" as the 3 areas of concern are (finally) healing. There is some "skin wrinkling" (bumpy areas) on the ear where she used the scalp skin grafting, which isn't always as perfectly smooth. So, we have a steriod cream to use over the next week to see if that will help. Technically, it will thin the skin - which is somewhat nervewracking - as we need skin thickness over the medpor implant. With a bilateral (both ears) child, it is difficult to find skin graft from multiple areas. There are few body places on boys that don't grow hair over time (eww). So, Dr Lewin used the upper arm to armpit (which is most ideal, rarely grows hair and is very smooth) and a fine layer of the scalp (which isn't always as smooth) but not down to the hair follicles so it doesnt grow hair. The upper arm area was used on the back of the ear and looks perfect and smooth (see Photos Surgery). We need to save the other arm for the other ear so we couldn't use more of this "perfect skin". We may try going to school without an earcup tomorrow. We have the "ok" but it makes me so nervous....!!! He still needs to wear it at night.
Today, I woke up to Manny talking to himself in the full size mirror in the hallway. "Hi Big Ear, this is Little Ear. I will get big like you soon....ooooh, you like me Big Ear? I like you too!"

Again, thank you to all who are reading the udpates. I realize they are getting rather boring now but the drama will ramp back up end of July when we head to Cali again. I am simply amazed at all of the people who have read this and know the details - the details I have totally forgotten by now. It makes it so easy because I don't have to try to reinvent the journey or details. And, it's funny....because I definitely can tell the friends who have never read the updates (HAHA!). A relative of mine (Alex) recently posted on facebook something like..."People come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime." It's so fitting with all that we are going through....
I posted the Manny First Big Ear reveal video today on the Microtia Atresia facebook page (which I just heard about through Dr Lewin). I received several messages already in my In-box from moms - from those who are going to have surgery in a couple of years, to those who just went through it. Their children watched it too - those who will have surgery and those who have had it done - and I guess they thought it was so cool. (good job Uncle D)
Well, I better go watch Nate unload the groceries and stock the frig. I just caught him throwing out the blackberries (Manny's favorite) from the frig...he thought they were old because they were black.