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De-nut Dish, Old Friends, Daylight Savings

posted Nov 4, 2012, 5:42 AM by Manny Wilke
Well, I got de-nutted walking the Dish while pushing a 45 pound child in a baby stroller up and down the hillside. I let him watch Tom & Jerry on his Kindle as the walk seems to take forever. It gave people a good laugh. Just trying to fit in with the tech savvy silicon valley. Yesterday, I drove by the HQ of facebook, LinkedIn, and Google.
We've been keeping busy but will come back to the hotel between "events" to chill, wash our hands, etc to make sure I keep him infection free. On Friday night we went to our Godfamily's house for pizza and some Tom & Jerry. Yesterday, we went to Montera's (godfamily) soccer game and then to a High School classmate of mine's house for brunch. She lives in Palo Alto and saw my facebook post about surgery and I gladly accepted :)  Another classmate of ours who lives in San Mateo joined us as well. It was so fun to talk Waunakee-e and let Manny play with children's toys and hit the park. I am very thankful for these old friends who have invited us into their homes for some normalcy.
While we've kept busy, Daylight Savings couldn't have come at a worse time. I'm already still up at 4am as I can't seem to get off of WI time. What I wouldn't have done to have Daylight Savings next weekend while we're back home in Wisconsin. I want an extra hour then, not now when I'm trying to find ways to pass the time. Then again, it was 75 degrees and sunny yesterday - and a miserable 33 degrees back in Wisconsin. Why am I flying home for 5 days? Oh yeah, for my other kids :)
I'm hoping to de-nut again today at the Dish, then later we have our pre-op with Dr. Lewin at her sister's house in San Jose. Tomorrow.....SURGERY....6:30am.
I've added new photos of some things we've been doing: Photos - 11-5-12 Surgery