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Target, Post Op, Airport, Nuggets

posted Aug 4, 2011, 8:03 AM by Manny Wilke   [ updated Aug 4, 2011, 8:56 AM ]
Manny and I went for a walk in the stroller later on in the afternoon to go get some icecream and some fresh air, while the boys were on their perscription adventure. Walgreens, by the surgery center (2 towns away from our hotel), had some additional perscriptions for us. This trip felt like we went to Target or Walgreens every 5 minutes for surgery needs. Post surgery, we needed to buy Manny new soft waistband undies as his 6 inch scar was hurting him with clothes/when he walked. Then, we had a new perscription that needed to be refrigerated all of yesterday, when we were at the Drs appt and traveling - so we needed to buy a lunchbox and cooler. His brand new "recovery day" movie from Target literally broke in half when we put it in the dvd player for the first time. It was the most confident I had felt in a return line at Target before - yeah, just try to turn me away with my kid all bandaged up.
Yesterday, the boys had a little breakfast at the hotel and we checked out, cruised to our Post Op with Dr Roberson. Dr Roberson made a little "silly puddy" ear mold to help the Right Ear canal from closing up so now it looks like Manny stuck light blue Extra gum in his ear, which wouldn't be all that surprising. Since both of our flights were delayed, we were able to cruise to our favorite little sandwich shop again and have a picnic at the Stanford park. We had to continually look for the parking enforecement cars as Nate scored a $45 parking ticket while waiting for perscriptions the day before.
We headed to the airport and had to say goodbye (that part always stinks) as we left from different terminals - Nate and Eli were flying back to WI on American, Manny and I were flying to LAX on Southwest. Our flight was delayed and then cancelled, thank you Southwest - perfect timing. Walking around the airport we got our share of stares and with Manny's new shiner, I felt like people were wondering if I beat my child. We eventually made it to LAX and Manny was able to roll his suitcase himself from the baggage claim to Uncle Derek's car. How different this whole travel day was compared to last time when Manny was throwing up and completely miserable, when I had to meet new friends on the airplane to help me with my luggage as I had to carry Manny.
When we got to Uncle Derek and Aunt Ashley's place, Manny walks in the door and shouts "HOME"! How great it feels to be back here again - very comforting. Manny went into "his" bedroom and found the box of goodies we had left behind last trip. We found some leftover frozen dinosaur chicken nuggets as well and he had a few of those - the first food he has really had in 3 days. I can't believe Aunt Ashley didn't eat all of those up since last time, they are a fabulous shade of processed electric orange.
Unfortunately, Manny didn't sleep much last night. He doesn't want to sleep on either ear so he tried to sleep on his forehead, with his butt up in the air. I have to continually reposition him all night so he doesn't rest on his earcup. So, first thing on our list today is the grocery store and caffeine. Then, perhaps we will try to see the ocean.
PS - Eli found his glasses at midnight last night when they got home!