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Daily Citizen, 3rd grade, ENT appt, talking to little ear

posted Jun 3, 2011, 11:41 AM by Manny Wilke   [ updated Jun 3, 2011, 12:06 PM ]
A pic of Manny and Nate with the BDHS NHS/Charity Knits/StuCo reps was in the paper a few days ago. While that was an awesome photo because of all of the fundraising they did, I equally enjoyed a picture next to it which showed students at BDHS having a salting eating contest because one of the kids (Fern) was wearing his TMHTM t-shirt in the picture :) Next to him was Grant, Manny's buddy during the National Anthem during the UW Hoops night for Manny at the BDHS basketball game.
Today we walked/scootered/biked Eli to school and Eli wanted to show his class Manny's new ear. So, we took off the bandages (we wear the earcup/bandages while biking...granted, training wheels but still) and Manny was able to show off his ear to the 3rd graders and we talked about his surgery. It was great because some of these kids went to the fundraisers, bought pencils, sold pencils, and are also aware simply because they are Eli's buddies. Last year we went to Eli's class to teach them about hearing aids and that being different is ok, and many remembered that as well. I was able to show them how Manny could now hear without his hearing aids (when I had taken it off) which was my favorite part. They were most shocked that Manny won't be able to swim all summer (lots of gasps...).
We went to Dr Danny's office yesterday to get the silastic disk removed from the ear canal (per post op CA instructions) see Photos-Surgery. Manny got to see his new ear canal and inside his ear blown up on the tv screen! I am amazed each week how his ear is healing through photos. In 2 weeks we'll have a hearing test after his next appt, which is exciting - I feel that he can hear better and better each day. We'll continue to plug the canal at night with and ear plug and steriod cream to make sure it doesn't close (stenosis) and Dr Danny reminded me that the canal may look big now, but it won't when he's an adult.
Manny continues to wake up each morning and talk to himself in the mirror. They are always sort of the same conversation - yesterday it was "hey little ear, it's big ear. Don't worry, you'll be big soon like me and Aber's ears. And you'll be bigger than Mommy's too."
Last night we had Manny's pre-school recital. It was so fun to see him stand up there with his buddies, big ear and all. Tonight he has his first official t-ball game. He won't be able to wear a helmet, but he'll be protect on one side with his ear cup! Go Nationals (ha!) And go Beaver baseball tonight at Regional Finals!