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Combined Surgery - 4/25, 8/1 - WOO HOO

posted Feb 14, 2011, 10:06 AM by Manny Wilke   [ updated Feb 14, 2011, 9:57 PM ]
We have decided in Manny's best interest to pursue the specialized Combined Surgery, where the Reconstructive microtia surgeon from Los Angeles flies up to Palo Alto, and operates together with the Atresia repair surgeon. This highly complicated surgery takes 10 hours and our surgeons (Dr Lewin/Dr Roberson) are the EXPERTS in the field! This Combined Surgery will ELIMINATE THE NEED FOR SEVERAL ADDITIONAL SURGERIES. When the surgeons open up the ear canal, they get to see together exactly what the situation is and how to best proceed with the surgery for ultimate results. They can also perform the skin grafting together. This is definitely the best route for Manny and we are SO excited to proceed ahead in 2-3 surgeries versus 5-6. It eliminates 1 year of surgeries (including 3 winter surgeries - not good with Manny's suppressed immume system), eliminates potential complications each time he goes under anesthesia, and eliminates additional risk of infection flying to and from surgeries. By using these experts, we will maximize surgery results while minimizing compications.  
The 1st Combined Surgery will take place 4/25 and when we come back from California after 3 weeks, Manny will come home with a COMPLETELY RECONSTRUCTED RIGHT EAR and OPENED RIGHT EAR CANAL and his hearing will hopefully be restored. On 8/1, assuming funds are in place, we are scheduled for the 2nd Combined Surgery. Manny will then return home from California with a COMPLETELY RECONSTRUCTED LEFT EAR and OPENED LEFT EAR CANAL and hopefully his hearing will be restored.  (There may be a 3rd surgery to make any necessary revisions of both the inner and outer ear, depending on hearing results and healing of the reconstructed ears and canals.)
So...what does this mean for Manny? He will be able to go to school in September WITH TWO BIG EARS. He will get to have school pics taken with TWO EARS, not just ONE. He will not walk around town with only 1 ear for a year.  He will have improved hearing, improved speech and language, improved confidence.
This Combined surgery requires us to pay for the surgeons fees which is $91k in upfront cash not covered by insurance. We had to wire a $5000 deposit on Friday to reserve the date - it gave me a pit in my stomach but also made me very very excited to proceed ahead. WOO HOO!