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Clearance to go home!!!!! THE BRINK - FRIDAY!

posted May 10, 2011, 3:53 PM by Manny Wilke   [ updated May 10, 2011, 6:47 PM ]
We just arrived back from the dr's appt and we are GOING HOME TOMORROW! Woo-hoo!!! While he continues to be "unique" in his surgery AND in his healing process, Dr Lewin says she really won't know for about 2 more weeks on some "special" spots (see Manny Photos-Surgery). The original areas of concern are actually healing ok, but 3 new small areas have popped up which is really rare. But, she thinks it will be ok. She put some fancy silver nitrate (?) on the spots today and I get to be a daily nurse with 100 different bandaging/drops/etc instructions and will send her pics every two days - so wish me luck as I have little nursing skills except for driving fast to Urgent Care. Manny's hearing aid broke today so now he will be without hearing for the next day - I sure hope his hearing is improved with this surgery (his ear canal is stuffed with packing still).
I would like to officially thank our family who have been taking care of my kids and Nate (!) (Grammy J, Grandma Sue, Aunt Val) and Uncle D who has been taking care of us - and thank you in advance for doing this again in July/August - oh, did you know about that? Also, thanks to Grandpa Pops, Aunt Kitty, and Aunt Val who took such great daily care of Nanny and kept us in the loop. I would like to thank all of our friends who have stayed in communication with us, to all of you who have been reading MannyMan's website, those that have donated money or time, mailed prizes and for most importantly - thank you for all of the prayers. We are forever grateful!
REMINDER: The Brink Lounge benefit is THIS FRIDAY - WE WILL BE THERE! Thank you to Capitol Bank for sponsoring the food, Matt & Elizabeth Brink for hooking us up at their establishment, and for Murphy Desmond for their sponsorship donation as well. Thanks to Aunt Val for organizing along with many helpers such as Heather, Tanya, Grammy J, Erin to name just a few. Thanks to everyone who has been purchasing tickets online and of course you can get them at the door. Uncle D and Great Aunt Pat will be flying home for Nanny's Sunday funeral so they can make it to the Brink as well (yeah to the later part!). Eli, Manny, Abe, Jarrett, and Sabrina will be coming to the Brink for a little bit to sign autographs- and then it will be time for Mommy to have much needed wine :) Oh wait, I had some last night.
Adios, it's time to pack.