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CEI Appt, Predictably Unpredictable, Tomorrows plans?

posted Nov 6, 2012, 7:56 PM by Manny Wilke
We met with Dr. Goldzstein tonight at the California Ear Institute to look at the rash, rewrap his bandages, and consult with Dr. Lewin.
While the rash looks better than it did this morning, this is the same red, bumpy rash that he had during our August surgery. He is allergic to something, but it's very strange because he only shows it by his ears....not on his face or neck. The rash we can see is on his Left ear which is not even covered with anything - we don't know what the Right ear looks like because it is bandaged up and stitched to his face. So, why would it break out in a rash if it's not even touching anything? Oh, he's so predictably unpredicatable.
After talking with Dr. Lewin tonight, we agreed that if he is up all night in pain, we will not fly home at 7am tomorrow. I will stay here and get treated at CEI or fly to LA to see her and then figure out Plan B. If he has an ok night, then we'll fly home to WI. If there are problems at home, I have a surgery supply box and I know exactly what I would need to do - cut the stitches, apply the steroid cream, tape it up, etc....and of course, fly back if necessary before Monday. But, if I'm at all concerned I'm not going home. It's just not worth it. It's not worth it for Manny's physical health nor my mental health...
Here's to hopefully leaving the beautiful, sunny weather and going back to the miserably cold weather!