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Cali, Pre-Op, Cupcakes

posted Jul 30, 2011, 6:58 AM by Manny Wilke   [ updated Jul 30, 2011, 7:34 AM ]
We said a tearful goodbye to Abers and headed out to Cali. We flew into the same airport (SJC), rented the same car, and checked in at the same hotel. The familiarity of it all was somewhat comforting. Thanks to Aunt Val and Grammy J for taking Abe for Week 1. In his first 24 hours he got a full pedicure (thanks, Bri), went to the capitol for a walk and dinner, and went swimming with Pops.
Yesterday, Manny had his pre-op at the California Ear Institute, Dr Roberson's office. At this office visit Nate sparked up conversation with someone who went to college with my dad (thanks to Nate's daily WI t-shirt) and I met a mom whose daughter also has bilateral microtia and atresia (they live in Palo Alto, lucky for them!). During Manny's 2 hour appt he had another hearing test which was rather disappointing, unfortunately. The results were similar to what he scored pre-surgery - is it scarring or did Manny not cooperate as well?? 4 year olds are inconsistent but I was hoping that they'd be even better than the last hearing test, not worse, so you can imagine the disappointment.
We will discuss it all with Dr Roberson at surgery but we still have another few months to let the ear heal to determine next steps. We were told at the April surgery that he may need a touch up surgery on the Right ear to put in a prosthetic "Stapes"/stirrup. On a positive note, his inner ear is still working very well which means there are "options" and "room for improvement" with the middle ear.
Last night we went to the Espinosas again for dinner (the "Godfamily) and the kids had their TMHTM shirts on! It was such a great, relaxing time - hamburgers on the grill, baseball in the backyard, and good company. We even got to celebrate Carolina's birthday with cupcakes and candles - wonderful normalcy for our kids and just what we needed!
They are so nicely going to take Eli during surgery day and he'll get to hang out with the kids instead of sitting in a waiting room for 12 hours.
Last surgery we got thrown for a loop when my cell phone broke. This time, we got thrown for a loop when we realized Eli forgot his glasses at home. After Grandma Sue and Grammy J scoured our house looking for the glasses, we decided to get Eli a pair out here. He had been wanting sports goggles, so we got those (thank you 1 hour Lenscrafters), in hopes that he still finds his glasses! Last week I found his ipod in the fireplace - with a 2 year old in the house, those glasses could be anywhere!
Prayers going out to toddler Nolan, who became an angel yesteray when an infection took over his body while fighting cancer. His mom is a teacher at Manny's elementary school in BD.  :(