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Cali, Little Traveler, Go Nuts, Pre-Op, Office Chair

posted Nov 2, 2012, 6:59 AM by Manny Wilke   [ updated Nov 2, 2012, 7:13 AM ]
After a long day of traveling, we arrived at our hotel in California late Wednesday night. Manny has become such a little traveler - he knows exactly what to do at the airport, on the airplane, how to use a room key, get juice at breakfast. And, when traveling with only 1 child who is now 6, it was the easiest trip ever, but exhausting. Yesterday morning, I could hardly function I was so tired. The time change, the travel, the mental preparation, and the anxiety of saying goodbye. While Nate did not come out this trip, he was able to go on Manny's fieldtrip in Hartford in the morning and then drive us to the airport in MKE. Manny thought it was so awesome that dad rode the bus with him.
When Manny woke up, he opened up the curtains and saw the gloomy, rainy weather. "OH NO MOM. ARE YOU GONNA GO NUTS?" What? "We can't get our exercise outside today. Are you gonna go nuts?" I guess he's heard me say that once or twice :) But, we were so tired from traveling that we just chilled and rented movies on our Kindles. It only took me 6 surgeries to figure this move out. So, he watched Karate Kid and I watched Magic We also ventured to Target to buy some groceries. Since I'm here alone, I want to make sure we have food for post surgery in our hotel room and the other necessities - water, popcorn, wine.
We had our pre-op with Dr. Roberson and Dr. Goldzstein as well as a hearing test yesterday. It was great to talk with them in person prior to surgery. This is very unusual as Dr. Roberson typically cannot do pre-ops as he is traveling - in fact, he just got back from Shanghai on Tuesday. It was very comforting to review the details of the surgery, the after care, the specific reasoning, the future options. While I've heard it before, I just need to hear again and again. "This is not a last resort. This is a good option for optimal hearing. This surgery will help him continue developmentally, and ensure a positive future. Technology is only advancing and there will be even more options in the future. This is the best choice for the situation we are faced."
We are still unsure about his left ear. His hearing test is "inconclusive" and things continue to not add up. It is difficult to properly isolate his left cochlea during a test. Dr. Roberson thinks that the left ear isn't hearing and there is significant sensorineural loss (inner ear damage), but the Audiologist thought there was some no one really knows. We will know more as he gets older and can test better, or if we would choose to put him under for 2 more hours to do a ABR test. No thanks, and either way, it would not change Dr. Roberson's decision on what to do surgically.
Well, I'm signing off from my fancy office at the Hampton Inn & Suites (AKA, sitting on the toilet in the bathroom with my laptop on my lap) as Manny is sleeping....thank goodness one of us adjusts well to time change! Hoping for sunshine (and exercise) today...