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Calendar, Questions, Swimming, ENT, Nice try.

posted Jan 9, 2013, 1:35 PM by Manny Wilke
On New Years Day Manny and I were paging through his 2012 Spiderman calendar and all of the things we wrote and drew on it. I would draw airplanes the day we would leave for surgery and on the day we would get back home, so he knew in advance when we were coming and going. With 4 California surgeries last year, there was an airplane drawn on almost every month. When we were done looking at the calendar, he folds it up, puts in on his bed, sits down and says, "Ok, mom, I'm ready for more surgery." - Huh? "Manny, I'm hoping that in 2013 we don't have any more surgeries and that we don't have to return to California."  "Mom, I want more surgery. This whole snow and boots thing is really getting old. I don't want to go back to school, I want to go back to California." It caught me so off guard and made me giggle, yet I was glad that after everything we've been through - he has a positive memory about California.
He's been asking more and more questions lately about his hearing aids. Why do I have to wear them? Why wasn't I born with ears? Why don't my friends at school wear them? Why do I wear a headband? My friends at school think my headband is weird. I try my best to answer the questions quickly and casually, but they are becoming more difficult and I'm noticing that the most recent questions are answered after taking a deep breath.
We had a great holiday. Manny ice fished. Ice skated. Went sledding. And, at exactly 8 weeks post surgery (well 7 weeks, 6 days) we celebrated his ability to SWIM again and went to our local YMCA. He had such a great time with his brother and cousin and begged me to start swim lessons. I agreed, and reminded him that is why we had the last surgery - so he could swim again and hopefully not have any more surgeries for a long, long time.
His left ear metal "snaps"/abutment got slightly infected so we got some oral antibiotics. It hasn't quite yet healed properly so we returned to our local ENT last night. After Dr. Yaish addressed the snap with silver nitrate, he cleaned out his left ear. Infection. Perforation.
Perforation? What? No. My head started spinning. Surgery. No swimming. Surgery. California. Surgery. Perforation. How can this be? Are you totally kidding me? And a few bleeps as well.
There is a 30% hole in his left ear drum. From what we don't know. There wasn't one a few weeks ago when we had our post-op appointment. So, we'll do antibiotic drops and pray for a small miracle that it will close up on its own (unlikely) and return to Dr. Yaish in 3 weeks to determine next steps.
I believe my last post ended with "The end????" Nice try. Oh well. Manny is sick of snow anyways and quite frankly, so am I.