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Brink Fundraiser, Special Guests, NBC 15, Ear 2

posted May 14, 2011, 8:30 PM by Manny Wilke   [ updated May 16, 2011, 10:21 AM ]
A huge THANK YOU to Aunt Valerie who planned the Brink Fundraiser and to Grammy J for her help, along with many friends. It was a ton of fun with special guests that included BUCKY BADGER, GOVERNOR DOYLE, and a belly dancer (Grandpa Mark ran towards the back in fear). Even Nanny was there in spirit sporting her TMHTM t-shirt in a frame.
Thank yous and Photos will be updated under Fundraisers soon. A special thanks to all of our family's Waunakee friends and friends of friends who attended, and of course Madison, Beaver Dam, Fitchburg, Redondo Beach (!), Hayward, New Berlin, Kenosha, Cross Plains, Middleton, Boyton Beach, name it. Thank you to those guests who showed up because they saw the event on NBC 15 and wanted to support a good cause. Very cool. And, thanks to the Raffle Babes who did a fantastic job.
NBC 15 was there to video a clip on the fundraiser event for the 10pm news- you will see many friends you recognize in the background - Carol, Sharon, Bev, Melissa, Pops....see Manny In The News. Thank you to Eli who was apparently giving me bunny ears the entire time in the background during my interview, while Manny was pulling up my dress and Abe biting my shoulder :)
It's official....with the money raised from the Brink, combined with continued donations from the other fundraisers, we have raised just enough (by $200 I think!) to cover Ear #2 surgeon fees (for the first surgery only)! This means we have raised an unbelievable $91,000 ($45,500 per ear). We are SO THANKFUL to have been able to have done this Combined Surgery as it has elimated several surgeries for Manny, and we could not have done it without >650 people's support and kindness. No really, that is how many individuals have donated to Manny. It's almost hard to comprehend. 
This morning some of my friends who came in for the event got to enjoy GJ's famous icecream waffles, as well as witness the revealing of Manny's ear - today was our day to wash his hair, change all bandages, and take pictures for Dr Lewin. The 3 areas are still not totally cooperating, so please pray for a speedy recovery. I got to play with silver nitrate (?) today and be Nurse Mommy. Typically, all areas are healed by now but again, he is "not typical" and never has been! So...hopefully soon...!