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Brewer fever, Prayer Shawl, fb

posted Jul 8, 2011, 7:54 AM by Manny Wilke   [ updated Jul 8, 2011, 8:22 AM ]

Three years ago we went to visit with Dr Lewin in Los Angeles to discuss potential Manny's surgeries. It "coincidentally" coincided with a Brewer vs Dodger game weekend. Uncle Derek had tickets by the bullpen and that is where we first met the bullpen catcher, Marcus Hanel. Throughout the year we have stayed in contact with he and his wife. They have an awesome charity called Koos For Kids which helps raises money for children in medical need (annual benefit 8/28 in Racine - get Brewers autographs at this event!). He has been so generous to also get us silent auction items for Uncle D's charity benefitting the AmFam Children's Hospital. Anyways, the Hanels wanted to invite us to a game before we headed back to Cali for the next surgery. It was an amazing, amazing day for a baseball family like ours, and we also were able to include nephews Sam and Jarrett whose birthdays are this upcoming week. 

Not only did we get seats behind homeplate but we got private tours to the Clubhouse, Marcus' bullpen, dugout, with autographs and pics galore. It was such a great experience to share with the family and to see such huge smiles on the boys, Nate included. This year has been a stressful and trying one, but it has also been filled with an incomprehendible amount of love and support, new friendships and unbelievable opportunities. We are so incredibly lucky. Oh yeah, and I now have an "in" to special ordering Manny a baseball helmet that won't hurt his beautiful new ears :) Yeah! A huge, huge thanks to Marcus and Jill for everything!!!
We submitted pics in today to both surgeons for an updated nursing schedule of his ear. His canal likes to close when the earplug isn't in - so we'll see what the next set of instructions are. I cannot believe we leave again in <3 weeks. Yikes. I'm so not ready this time.
I would also like to thank Shirley Dean, Aunt Gail of the Prayer Shawl Ministry of the Episcopal Church of Good Shepherd in Austin TX for the handmade green & yellow shawl!
A mom who is part of the Microtia/Atresia group on facebook reposted Manny's First Big Ear video on her facebook wall to show her friends and family what her family is about to go through with their daughter. I thought that was pretty cool.