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Bible Breakfast, Final Post Op, PV Pencil Sale

posted Apr 24, 2011, 8:44 PM by Manny Wilke   [ updated Apr 24, 2011, 9:11 PM ]
Of all days, Manny picks Easter morning to find the bible in the hotel dresser drawer, and insists to bring it down to breakfast. It's hard to say no to that on Easter morning. We decided to pray before breakfast and he says "Dear Jesus, please bless my snack and thank you for dying for my sins. Amen" Then, I say "Amen" and Manny goes "not M&Ms mom, A-MEN". Right. As he pretends to read the bible all breakfast, I hear him read outloud "So, Easter bunny, where are you hiding...". Unfortunately, that was the extent of our Easter celebration today. We did not want to expose him to the germs of a church.
Today we met with the Los Angeles Doc for our final post-op, Dr Sheryl Lewin. She does the reconstructive surgery creating an outer ear. She is awesome. She actually just came to our hotel while we were Skyping Abe/Eli/GJ in the hotel lobby - so they got to see her as well. Skype was a disaster - Abe had a meltdown when he saw us on the computer - and often cries when he talks to us on the phone. It is so confusing and challenging for all of the kiddos - Manny misses his brothers as well. He has pretend one-sided conversations "Hi Eli, how are you? I'm good, Manny, I miss you and love you so much." Were only on day 4....
Well, tomorrow is the big day. I guess we are as ready as we could ever be. I will be wearing my TMHTM t-shirt and Dr Lewin said she was going to wear hers too. We will be at the surgery center from 6:30am til 7:00pm (CA time) for the 10 hour surgery and we plan to updated the website.
Thank you to Nicki Garcia and Prairie View Elementary for hosting a TMHTM pencil sale this past week. The 5th graders did a great job selling pencils after school. They raised over $400 by selling $1.00 pencils. Awesome!!!!