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posted Nov 9, 2012, 7:35 AM by Manny Wilke   [ updated Nov 9, 2012, 7:51 AM ]
I got to squeeze in a quick run on the beach in the rain with Uncle D's dog, Buck. I'm so used to dragging my 8 year old dog along on runs, who has slowed down these last few years, that I was prepared for a large dog to pull me along on a sprint. But, I have so much adrenoline pumping through these days it made for a great run and I haven't been able to run all trip since it is just me and the Man.
Manny woke up happy and the rash had subsided. Uncle D dropped us off to LAX and it was a completely different airport day than the day prior. I was so relaxed. Manny was so relaxed and almost pain free. There were no worries flying home. We made the right choice to wait one more day. We decided not to tell Eli and Abe so we could surprise them at the airport.
On our flight from LAX to LAS (Vegas) I met a really nice woman named Darcy. That is definitely one of the fun things about traveling is meeting new people. I was explaining to her our chaotic last day and how I just really needed to get home to our other kids. One of the reasons is that Nate and I had a planned trip to Las Vegas with friends and family over Thanksgiving. I did not want to be gone 14 days and then come home for a few days and leave again for 4. No way. Nate and I had this trip to Vegas planned way prior to the August surgery, almost to celebrate the "final surgery" and to just get away together. While ideally we had wanted to go there next year, our friends called and asked us to go over Thanksgiving, when the Badgers were playing basketball out there. And then, my Dad & Bev, Uncle Derek & Ashley, and step brothers all decided to go too. Then 4 weeks ago this new surgery popped up and threw a wrench into everything and I seriously debated cancelling our little excursion. Anyways, I had a really fun conversation with Darcy and at the end of the flight she gave me some magazines to take with me to look at for my next flight, along with her business card. Apparently, she runs 5 high end salons on Beverly Drive, the Las Vegas strip, etc. They do all of the award shows. She said, "email me, and come and get your hair done at the salon in Vegas on me when you are there." Ummm, seriously? Is an email this morning too early??? She was probably looking at me like, "girl, you really could really wash your hair."  I'm not sure it will even pan out, but it was great to meet her nonetheless!
Our LAX to LAS flight was delayed 40 minutes and I only had a 50 minute layover. Oh great, we have this big surprise planned and now we miss our flights so I can't get home. So, imagine Manny and I sprinting from one end of the airport to the other end, but they held the plane for us. I'm probably flagged as "don't mess with this lady today."
Nate had told Eli they were going to pick up his friend at the airport (way uncreative, I'm not claiming that one) and then they would go to an "awesome Nike store in Milwaukee to look for Elite socks." (The must-have socks for 10 year old boys these days.) When we arrived at MKE, we quickly got our bags and ran out to the car for the big surprise. I knocked on the car window and waved, the kids both smiled, and then Eli gave me a hug and said...."so does that mean we are not going to the awesome Nike store?" 
It was so great to wake up at 1234 Hiawatha, and be here for all 3 kids to wake up. Abe insisted on wearing an ear cup today as well. Manny was super excited to go to school. When I walked the ear cup brothers up the hill to school, all of the kids were staring at him but Manny didn't shy away, he held his grin from ear to earcup.
Photos updated 11-5-12 surgery.