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Beach fun, Post-op, Home

posted Aug 14, 2012, 9:00 AM by Manny Wilke
We decided to have some fun at the beach for our last day before we flew home. Because I knew Manny's bandages would be coming off and getting re-wrapped, I let him have some fun too (can't get wet, can't get sand on his head). He was so happy playing in the sand, playing by the ocean, but I made sure to shadow him as he liked to get his feet wet a little too much and it made me nervous. I could tell that it also made Eli happy because I could watch him play in the ocean and up until this point, I haven't watched him because I stayed inside the house with Manny. We also took a stoll down to Manhattan Beach (a 15 minute walk) Pier and the Creamery where we endulged in some serious calories.
Manny was in pain throughout the day. Not extreme pain, but his ears were bothering him  and he was always grabbing his ear cups. In fact, he was up all night with it. He/we must have readjusted his sleeping position 200 times as he could not get comfortable and was in pain. When Dr. Lewin texted me last night, asking how Manny was doing, I let her know he was fine but uncomfortable. It was 7pm and she had just gotten out of the OR. She asked if we wanted to come to her house to remove the bandages, wash his hair and see what was going on with his ears. Ummm...YES :) Because, that also meant that instead of getting up early to leave for the post-op in Santa Monica, then cruise back down to LAX after hoping we didn't miss our flight....we could skip all of that and enjoy the morning not rushed before we headed out to the airport.
When she took off his bandages, his skin below and around his ears was raw and blistery. He has contact dermititus around his ears probably from the silicon ear cups and continual sweat (it is hot here in California - very unusually hot for this time of year). Poor little guy. No wonder why he can't sleep and he is uncomfortable. We then washed his hair in her kitchen sink and she applied steroids and re-wrapped him in the only bandages she had at home - pink and blue. So, it's a cotton candy wrap job and it works great! He still didn't sleep well but I'm sure it will take awhile for the steroids to kick in.
We've done some fun things this surgical trip and accomplished our surgical mission. But, it's time to go home. Abe is finally feeling better and Manny hopefully will soon too. It's been a long time since we've gotten sleep and I'm exhausted. I am very thankful that Aunt Val joined us this trip to help watch the boys. The cousins made everything so much more fun, especially for the siblings as they were able to play outside instead of being cooped up inside.
Uploaded photos (including the reveal of his newer ears) - Photos 8-8-12 surgery