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posted Sep 8, 2012, 9:18 PM by Manny Wilke
My boys surprised me with a fantastic BD. Eli made me breakfast in bed, Manny made me a million cards that said Manny <heart> Mom, Abe snuggled me on the couch for the longest time, and Nate decorated the kitchen. I was also greeted with cards, calls, emails, prizes from the bestest friends and family. I planned to take the kids to the zoo but instead we snuggled in our jammies, watched tv and just relaxed. I cannot remember the last day we ever did something like that. A day of nothing. We went to a supper club for dinner and the BD varsity football game in Waupun afterwards. It was actually one of the best BDs I've had in years, probably because I was in such a terrible mood all week and the kids were soooo excited to celebrate so they were just extra nice to me all day!
Scheduling the CT Scan was quite the event. Insurance needed information and more information, then proof of medical necessity, etc. Our local ENT's office was extremely helpful in getting it sorted out with insurance, which was great since I was working full time with insurance on another issue. Even the receptionist at Medical Imaging at the hospital was calling and ensuring me that they would squeeze Manny into the schedule if we had to change the day because of insurance. I am so thankful to people along the way who make this process even just an ounce easier. We got final insurance approval at 12:35pm. His scheduled CT Scan was at 1:00pm. I flew to daycare to pick him up and we got there just in time.
I usually prep Manny for his appointments but since I didn't think we were going that day, I only had 3 minutes on the ride over to prep him for the large, intimidating CT Scan. He had to get strapped down and go back and forth, back and forth through a huge tunnel with red lights flashing all around. He couldn't hear any instructions or comforting words from the tech because they took off his hearing aid. Last time he did this he was 3 years old and they sedated him. As I watched him from the other room, I just sat there amazed at his ability to sit perfectly still without being scared as the lights flashed all around him. Then again, maybe it was my 3 minute pep talk. "Manny, you have been asked by Dr. Roberson to go on a rocketship ride at the hospital..." (He loves rocketships)
There was an informal IEP (Individual Education Plan) for him at his new Elementary school to make sure everyone was up to speed on his health, his hearing aids, etc. I felt so badly for his teacher because it was a lot of instructions to help Manny hear most effectively in the classroom - but she was great about it all. Where he should sit, how to strategize wording, repeating the answer and saying the name of which child gave it (since Manny cannot localize sound..he won't know who said what), what happens if it starts to rain at recess (hearing aids can't get wet), how to work his FM System (the microphone the teacher wears that inputs sound directly into his hearing aid to block out the background noise), when to turn the fan off (for noise), what happens if a hearing aid battery dies, when his health issues flare up.... He really has a team working with him to be successful at school (Teacher, School Nurse, Speech Therapist, School Audiologist, Deaf & Hard of Hearing teacher, etc) and while it puts me at ease, I can't help but feel guilty for putting extra work on them all.
I was worried about his first day Kindergarten. Would he be excited, would he be scared, will kids be kind. And as I wait for him at school to walk him to the door, I see the get-along gang walking in the distance. His 2 cousins, their 2 friends, and big brother Eli all walk to school every day. Manny was walking in front of what seemed like his "posse". Kids were running over to him and saying "hi". When he saw me, he ran across the playground, said "I love you momma" and gave me the biggest hug...then walked up the hill and waited in line to go to class without looking back. And I sat there with a huge smile..and then turned around went back to the car and bawled like a baby.