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Basketball Brownies, Manny T-shirts, Philcast Silent Auction

posted Feb 18, 2011, 2:03 PM by Manny Wilke   [ updated Feb 18, 2011, 9:20 PM ]
Eli, Manny, Abers, Cousins Maty & Sam all went to the High School to participate in the Brownie Fundraiser for MannyMan. The high school basketball players baked brownies and sold them to students after 1st hour for $1.00. They raised $422 for The Man!!!!!!!! WOW!!!! Thanks Coach Aunt Ally for organizing this. The math teacher, Ms Ketchem, whipped out a $20 and bought her entire class a browies. The Teach Me How to Manny (because he is a dancing fool) t-shirts were such a hit that many students said they want to purchase them. So,...... we ordered 140 t-shirts. They will be ready next Friday for $10/each. Coach Jane Loizzo and babysitter Allie Chitko will be in charge. (They dont know that yet). Thanks to Jeff at Designs Plus and Amy Abel for helping with the orders/design! Afterwards, we quickly swung by Reeds to take a picture in front of a hot rod car. Sam said he preferred my light blue minivan. HA! The mini does have "magic doors" afterall. Check out Photos - Fundraising Pics for new uploaded pics.
The Philcast silent auction has ended.  Garth the Procrastinator won with a bid of $200 for a SuperFan Judy Packer Pillow/goodies and lunch with Phil! 
See ya tomorrow at the fundraiser! Oh, and Manny says - no political talking allowed or you'll be fined  :)
Thank you so much for the donations: D/C Bellanti, R/S Stratton, Knollenbergs, H/J Keil, D/D Komorowski, T Kircher, M/V Kaul, R Cowles, J Flynn, M/A Pham/Wondernails, G/K Armstrong, D/A Stecker, J Novak, B/B Lynn, E Seeger, A Jones, B Gruhkle,  A Heuer, J Barger, E Aplin, E Palmer, K Legg, J Van Gompel, S Braemer, P Stern, J/R Lutz, Molly Bell xoxo, M/K Helin, J/R Wulf, J Kasun, S/R Madrid, J Burchardt, L Koenen