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A weekend of angels

posted May 8, 2011, 9:29 PM by Manny Wilke   [ updated May 9, 2011, 4:26 PM ]
I can't remember a hug that felt so great like the one I got when I picked up Eli from the airport Friday or when I got to have special time with Abers before bed. It felt like eternity since I've been able to do both. I am so thankful that Nate had the ambition to take Abe on a 4.5 hour flight to come see us for Mother's Day weekend.
The entire family got to go to the doctor appt on Friday and Manny again was a huge trooper. I quickly realized that Eli would not be a doctor like I had once hoped - Manny's big ear reveal, along with the very raw and large bloody skin graft sites were way too much - he had to leave the room and was white as a ghost. The areas of "interest" looked better but "we weren't out of the woods" and we weren't cleared to go home. Dr Lewin said she wanted to be as proactive as possible so she suggested that we go to her house on Sunday morning for yet another dressing change to help speed up the healing process. Mother's Day. Her house. 8am. With her family. WOW. This young, adorable, highly prestigous doctor who has a 2 year waiting list to be seen for microtia - and we get to go to her house. When we were trying to find her house (only 7 minutes from my brother's house), we were looking at street signs and then see a boy in a TMHTM shirt playing catch with his dad outside. Loved it. They even had the Brewers geared up on the Wii. Manny and Abe felt right at home as they grabbed fruit off her kitchen table and started eating it. She said his ear was really looking much better and she thinks we'll be able to go home this week assuming all is good at our next appt. A huge YEAH!!!!!!
Today we went to an Angels vs Indians game and we got to walk on the field and get some autographs (thanks, Uncle D). After a couple of "important players" signed Manny's ball, Manny squatted down and signed his own name with a Sharpee on the same ball, backwards "n"s and all. It gave many people a good laugh, including the players. It was a really fun way to spend Mother's Day with the boys, especially because I got to sport a gift the boys brought me from home - a t-shirt that says #1 mom.
As we left the Angel's stadium we found out that my grandma Nanny passed away. She is now officially another guardian angel watching over the boys and all of us - but I think she's had some influence along the way. We love you, Nanny.