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Are of interest, Perspective

posted May 5, 2011, 5:15 AM by Manny Wilke   [ updated May 9, 2011, 8:46 PM ]
Manny and I made it through traffic on the 405 and figured our way to the doctors appointment. I was very proud of myself. I did not do the carpool lane this time - maybe next time I'll have the courage. I was afraid I'd get stuck there, see my exit, and then have to cross 7 lanes of traffic. Manny was able to play with a little 5 year old girl in the wiating room, who also had an ear cup on her head. It was nice for him to see someone like him! She only had a slight issue with the top of one ear, not a big deal.
The appt wasn't terrible, wasn't great. Out of the two areas of skin graft "interest" (that is the doc's word, mine is "concern") the ear lobe part is doing better, but the little grey patch of skin is still grey - but half the size it was on Friday. All I really heard after that was 3-4 weeks post-op, potential revision surgery, Manny would be the first out-of-stater with this problem who'd have to return...I tend to only hear the negative at doctor appts and then shut off. Our final appt was supposed to be next Wed, and then we'd have to cruise to LAX to fly home and that I would want to know in advance if we couldn't - vs the last minute letdown. So, she wants to be as proactive as possible and we are going back in on Friday and Tuesday for "dressing changes" so that she can apply more neosporin type of stuff and clean bandages. She did slightly cut into the grey, and it was somewhat spongey, so that is good. But apparently, skin makes up it's mind about 3-4 weeks post-op. So what, we just hang out in California until it makes up it's mind? If it goes south, then more surgery? What does that mean for the 8/1 scheduled surgery on the left ear? I was frazzled, she was late for the OR - so I'll ask again on Friday. The good news is that on Friday, Nate, Eli and Abe will be able to come with us to the appt - I'll pick them up at LAX and then we'll head over to Beverly Hills. It will be great for Eli and Nate to see Manny's ear (which is all bandaged up otherwise) and for Eli/Abe to give Manny a distraction. Manny was such a big boy the whole time - got his hair washed, bandages peeled off several of the skin graft sites. But, one site was tricky and it really hurt him - peeling dried bloody gauze off the open wound, causing fresh blood and also pulling at his newly grown in hair. Not fun and my guess is that he won't want to do it again Friday (doc did not remove all of it as he was in a lot of pain).
We had to say goodbye to my 93 year old grandma Nanny yesterday via cell phone video conferencing  last night, as she took a dramatic turn for the worse and was transferred to Hospice last night (probably only has about another week to live). Technology is amazing, saying final goodbyes is not. While she was unresponsive, it was great to see her resting peacefully, and Uncle D/Aunt Ashley/Manny and I were able to share the moment together (and with Aunt Val on the other end). We will most likely be coming back to both grandma's funerals upon our return, which really stinks. I guess we simply need both of them more as our guardian angels up in heaven, watching over Manny and all the great grandchildren. In addition, Cale and Finn Martter will have to say a final goodbye to their 36 year old daddy, Jason, today.  I guess if we have to stay in CA longer, we just have to. My little boys will get over it eventually. Perspective is always good for everyone.