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Another guardian angel in heaven...

posted Apr 15, 2011, 2:07 PM by Manny Wilke   [ updated Apr 15, 2011, 2:28 PM ]
A Christmas letter from Great Grandpa & Grandma Williams dated December, 2002 hangs on Manny's wall in his room
"The year, 2002, has been eventful for us in many ways..... We welcomed two new members into our family. Elijah Vincent Wilke was born to Nate and Tiffany on April 17. Matyson Marie Wilke was born to Matt and Allyson Wilke on September 3. They all live 280 miles away in Beaver Dam, WI. The thoughtful parents brought the infants to meet us when each child was only a little more than one month old. What a joy to hold our great grandchildren on our arms! What a joy to hear from family and friends - especially this time of year. Emmanuel (God with us) has truly come. - Ray & Kathleen"
After Nate and I read this, we looked at eachother and agreed - if we had another boy, his name would be Emmanuel. Despite the extremely challenging journey of having baby #2, we held on tight to the name and kept the letter.
Yesterday, Great Grandma Williams joined Great Grandpa Williams in heaven. She will be another guardian angel watching over Manny during his surgeries. My guess is that Great Grandma Williams met Great Grandma Dolly up there and they have been chatting up a storm, fighting for airtime.
Also, Great Grandma Nanny had emergency surgery Tuesday for two masses they found Tuesday morning diagnosed as colon cancer. She is doing ok.
Life is short! Well, not for these amazing ladies...both >90 years old. Amazing.