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An adventurous day

posted Aug 16, 2011, 9:17 PM by Manny Wilke   [ updated Aug 16, 2011, 9:46 PM ]
Manny and I took our first cab at 6:15am this morning to LAX. The driver was a hoot and said how everyone in India wants to marry a Midwestern girl because they are so nice. Southwest terminal and security in the morning at LAX was the biggest scene of organized chaos I've ever seen. Of course they had to pat down Manny's head and earcup and pull us to the side for some type of "litmus" paper testing. Not to make Manny feel even more awkward or anything...We grabbed some breakfast at Starbucks where I interacted with a "John Doe" customer, because a workerbee was rather rude to him and we had a laugh. Manny and I then boarded a flight to San Fran (SFO). A nice woman sat next to us on the plane and said "did your son just have microtia repair surgery?" - are you kidding me? Who knows the word microtia. In talking with her, her son Benjamin, just had the Roberson/Lewin repairs done and she was at Lewin's office yesterday afternoon - and so were we! We were both excited to talk to each other but then flight attendant announced that the flight would be 1 hour delayed due to fog in SFO. Benjamin's mom took her purse but left her bag "with me" to run to get coffee. I slightly panicked as Dr Roberson was headed into surgery right after our appt so I knew we couldn't be late. Manny and I got off the plane and we looked into other flights and they said we could go to Oakland, wherever that was, in 15 minutes. So, we rebooked, and I felt terrible so I wrote the woman a note, convinced the check-in dude to let me go put it on her seat, asked the flight attendant to watch her bag and off to Oakland we went.
On the plane to Oakland, we met a nice new friend, Jennifer, who went to UW when my bro and I did, was born in the same hospital in Shorewood, etc. She flew day trips to SF every week as she was a top exec at Visa - in fact, she had a call with South Africa before she left for the airport! She was awesome and let Manny play on her ipad all trip, with her 2 year old's favorite games. I could have talked to her forever. Afterwards, we jumped in a $90 cab to Palo Alto, with a driver from Ethiopia who thought Manny's continual singing of "Jingle Bells" was fantastic, and he hugged Manny on the way out and said God Bless you Manny! We got to the appt with 8 minutes to spare before our appt. We met a boy from China in the waiting room who was having the combined surgery tomorrow - we communicated without English but did our best. Manny told him "I love my big ear!"
Afterwards, we caught a "fancy car" to cab back to SFO, it was our lucky day because it was the same price of a taxi! He was very nice as well and laughed as Manny kept talking about the "fancy car".  We got on our flight back to LAX and ended up sitting next got it, John Doe from Starbucks. He said that the SF flight was over 1 hour delayed and was most impressed that we manuevered to Oakland. Go me. He said his heart ached a little for Manny as he also has a 5 year old. He taught me about the ipad as well. These things are as common as cell phones out here. We jumped in a cab back to Uncle D's house, but that driver didn't think we were so special. We rested for about an hour an then went to Dr Lewin's house for a final wrap job, some laughs with her adorable kids (Geoff was wearing his TMHTM t-shirt), and a goodbye! We ended the night with a great spaghetti dinner cooked by Aunt Ashley.
Oh, yeah, the important stuff. Sorry, I just love these adventurous days. The appt with Dr Roberson went fine - he removed the nasty black sponge and put in a new "wick" in his ear canal, gave us some post-op instructions starting with a local appt next week with our ENT, Dr Danny. Dr Roberson is hopeful for a better hearing result next time with his right ear and with his new left ear. Dr Lewin also said the ear looks good and gave us our post-op instructions as well. The next big step to determine future surgeries will be after our hearing test in October. So, we are coming home tomorrow and we are so excited!! Naturally, Manny's hearing aid broke today - just like last trip.
A huge thanks to Uncle D & Aunt Ashley for letting us terrorize their house and lives for the past few weeks. A huge thanks to our families for taking care of our kids while we were away and my house (my mom would drive to BD just to do house "projects"). And, of course, thanks to all of our friends and readers who have been so supportive throughout our journey!!