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AFCH Naples, Playland, Full Moon, Germ Anxiety

posted Mar 28, 2012, 8:04 AM by Manny Wilke   [ updated Mar 28, 2012, 3:04 PM ]
The UW American Family Children's Hospital is in the process of their Sick Kids Can't Wait fundraising campaign to raise money to add more beds on another floor. They simply cannot meet the needs anymore, a sad reality. Manny's UW ENT from birth is Dr Heatley, and she recently contacted us to ask permission to give Manny's story at an AFCH fundraiser near Naples, FL (she is now the Interim Medical Director) and to show his video. We are always so honored to help AFCH! Of course we said yes and my dad and Bev were able to attend the event as special guests. Here's the kicker - do you recall the gentleman we met at the CEI waiting room in Palo Alto for the August surgery pre-op - we figured out that he and my dad went to college together. Anyways, come to find out, he is a major sponsor of AFCH and Dr Heatley's COUSIN. They put this all together at the event. Small world.
Two weeks ago we were at McD's playland (our winter exercise) and I could hear a kid asking Manny what was on his head (a constant question) and for the first time I heard 2 year old Abe quickly say, "it's his hearing aid, he has surgery" before Manny could say a word. While I've always overheard Eli defend or educate his brother, it was the first time I've heard Abe do it. And the best part of kids is that it's so matter of fact.
As we gear up to leave Friday for surgery, it has been an emotionally exhausting week. Once the suitcases come out, it's like a full moon at our house. Emotions are running high, kids are wild and needy. Of course I am totally normal though. Well... It's crazy because I have to plan for a month - last Sunday we celebrated Easter early and right when we get back it's Eli 10th and Nate's 40th birthdays, etc - so I've been doing Easter baskets, sending out birthday invites, etc! But, the most stressful part is that Manny got a cough last week, which of course started the day of his pre-surgery- local doctor check-up. While he got steroids, his cough went to Abe and now Abe has had a cold. Everytime anyone arounds us coughs, I envision a mushroom cloud around them screaming GERMS! I think of the germ anxiety cancer patients and families must live with for months/years. With surgery being less than a week, please pray that everyone is perfectly healthy!  And, let's pray that our plane doesn't get hit by lightning once or twice!
Special thanks to Judy for making Abe a travel wallet holder to match Manny's, to Natalie for her book of Inspiration, and to Niki for joining me in a much needed pre-surgery spa day away! Safe travels to Godmother Angie & Jason as them embark on a cross country adventure to AZ.