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9:48am - out already!

posted Apr 3, 2013, 10:45 AM by Manny Wilke
Wow, world record time for a Manny surgery. He woke up once but is sleeping again peacefully. During surgery today was supposed to finalize 5 month end reports as it is the only time I am not on "mom duty" out in California and I need something to focus on versus staying nervous for hours. I am used to being able to get my work done during surgery. I'm not used to quick surgeries - help! I need more time :) But, I'm definitely not complaining.

Things went really well! Dr. Roberson was able to remove all of the skin in the canal as well as the prosthetic stapes which he had worked so diligently on in a previous surgery. He said everything looked really good inside which really is a bummer for us all, but there were actually two perforations in his ear drum so Dr. Roberson re-confirmed that closing it up was the right thing to do. Manny is just infection-prone and we can't do anything about it. There is a chance that Manny could SWIM in one month. I'm going to tell him 2 just to be safe! That is super exciting. I did encourage Dr. Roberson to keep working on creating new bone conduction hearing devices so that we can re-evaluate things after a few years. He said he is/he would!