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posted Nov 5, 2012, 8:04 AM by Manny Wilke   [ updated Nov 5, 2012, 8:06 AM ]
We arrived at 6:27am at California Ear Institute, 3 minutes early! Two nurses came out and greeted us in the parking lot which was a nice surprise. Manny brought with him his new alligator from Dr. Lewin's sister's family (Dr. Lewin had called an hour before we came to pre-op/dinner yesterday at her sister's house in San Jose...what's his favorite animal and color..."alligator and green" and one hour later...a green alligator stuffed animal gift. Now that was magic! I guess Dr. Lewin's sister owns an online toy store!).
The nurses and I completed all of the paperwork here, we met a new anesthesiologist, Dr. Bohman, and Dr. Roberson and Dr. Lewin all got to see Manny and review the surgical plan. I panicked because we lost part of his hearing aid somewhere between the hotel and CEI this morning. So I spent most of this time looking for the stupid top. Ugg. Thankfully, I called my best friends at the Hampton Inn & Suites and Joe, the Front Desk Agent, found it in the parking garage. So, now I can refocus. I did not need that curve ball and distraction this morning.
Manny went back to the OR around 7:25am, but he didn't want to go. He cried and wanted his mommy. Taking him back to the OR is Nate's job but unfortunately he is in WI.  He is the one who takes Manny back and deals with that situation since it doesn't sit well with me. I can do everything else, just not those 5 minutes.
My guess is the surgery will take about 4 hours. Dr. Roberson thought about 2.5 for his part (closing of the right ear canal - removing all of the skin in the canal and closing the hole) and putting on the metal screw abutments in his head for his hearing aid to pop onto. I got to help figure out where to place them exactly as I know where his sunglasses hit, his baseball hats hit, etc. If anything touches his hearing aids, it gives off an annoying buzzing sound ("feedback"). Dr. Lewin is going make sure the medpor implant gets put back in the proper location, prop it up a little (it seems to sink in his head after surgery possibly due to his assymetrical skull bone) and improve both ear lobes (which she was not able to safely do last surgery) and possibly a few small skin graft areas. With all that being said, hopefully this surgery isn't "that big of a deal". Anything short of 10 hours is "nothing" anymore.