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5/17 BD Doctor Appt, Brink TYs

posted May 19, 2011, 11:39 AM by Manny Wilke
We went to see the local ENT/Plastic surgeon on Tuesday. After much anxiety beforehand, he thought the ear looked great and suggested to continue instruction per Dr Lewin with some new Bactorem cream, ok that's not the right word, but whatever, I'm too tired to go upstairs and look! It's a fancy neosporin. Thank you to nurse Judy and Dr Betsy for discussing Manny's ear with me late into the night prior to the appt and to Community Pediatrics for ordering me the needed nursing supplies!! The ear is now pink, minus the 3 little spots that are dark brown (from healing and the silver nitrate). The ear is very hard because of the implant, which is normal, just different from what I'm used to, obviously. The ENT (Dr Yaish) took out the merocel sponge that was in his ear canal. It was bloody and gross to me, but "looks good" to him. The new ear canal is still large, but getting smaller (normal). We have about a 20 minute dressing change 2x/day, unless it is wash the hair/ear cup removal day. So, I am hopefully everything will be good! I'm pretty confident that he can hear better, but 4 year olds dont always cooperate, so I'm anxious to see his hearing test in another month and then again in 3 months. It is very exciting!!
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Thank you to Shelley Storhoff and Grandma Sue for purchasing a Jodi Sager massage g.c for me way back when - I am finally using it tonight and I'm very excited! The mental/physical exhaustion that kicked in this past week is almost unbearable, although I'm feeling a little more energized today! Must be because the Beavers vs Goslings baseball conference champ game is tonight...ha!