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4 of 5, Plane "ride", Pre-Op, Popping Tags

posted Apr 2, 2013, 11:00 AM by Manny Wilke   [ updated Apr 2, 2013, 11:01 AM ]
Did I just say that with each trip things go a little smoother? Well, to sum it up, we spent Saturday night in the Urgent Care. Abe had been pretty miserable the night before and during the afternoon, and progressively got worse. He had complained of a sore throat. Nate and my throats felt a little sore, but nothing terrible. Anyhoo, 4 of the 5 of us tested positive for STREP, including Manny. Realize that this is just a few days prior to surgery so I was totally freaking out. So, we are all in different rooms at Urgent Care (there is an adult side and a pediatric side), and in between doctors I'm texting Nate to see what his test results were, and then on the phone with our local pediatrician, Dr Betsy, as well as Dr. Goldzstein, surgeon at CEI, to figure out what to do with Manny - while trying to keep the very tired kids confined in a very germy environment with long waits. We finally head out to find the 24 hour Walgreens to fill all 5 prescriptions (there is no sense not putting all 5 of us on it). Of course, it is crazy busy at 10pm on a Saturday night and after waiting for what felt like an eternity, I didn't have my credit card. Apparently, I left it at the restaurant. Of course I did. So, we had to go back there after Walgreens to get it. We wanted to get Abe his antibiotics right away, so I decided to give it to him in the car at the restaurant. But, he screamed and threw up all over. Of course he did. That night couldn't end soon enough.

So, Easter plans with our Godfamily got cancelled as to not infect them with our Strep germs. A few years ago we so kindly passed the flu around to about 20 family members at Thanksgiving, so we are pretty cautious now. Instead, we just chilled out and drove around (Nate=Grandpa Rod Jr). Luckily we were able to pack in some fun things before the Strep attack  - Cal vs. USC baseball game, Stanford track meet, dinner with Godfamily, baseball practice, a drive over the Bay Bridge. 

Yesterday Manny and I had to say bye to Abe, Eli and Daddy as they flew home. Four of the five us were crying, and Abe was like "bye mom, see you later, I'm going on a plane!!" Unfortunately, when Abe arrived in Milwaukee, he was sobbing because he didn't quite understand the whole situation, and he wanted to be with Mommy. We think he thought he was going on plane ride for fun and then back to the hotel again, despite telling him the plan for the week.  He woke up very sobbing uncontrollably again today :(  

Today we had our pre-op at CEI. We didn't need a hearing test this time which was kind of nice, because it saves us about 30 minutes. Everything went well and we are ready for surgery tomorrow - although I'm fearful to even put that in writing. Manny is not looking forward to "the mask that blows air" so chances are I'll have to buy him off with $1. Thanks to Grandma Sue and Grammy J for sending some Cali Fun $. He put his $20 gift card to Target in his pocket and started singing "I've got $20 in my pocket...I'm gonna pop some tags" ... and so we did. Super Mario towel for his pre-surgery bath and a new Power Rangers toy.

Tomorrow, surgery at 7:30am Cali time. All prayers welcome.