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4/1 Worker Bees, Website, Shoes

posted Mar 19, 2011, 5:54 PM by Manny Wilke   [ updated Mar 19, 2011, 6:18 PM ]
Thanks to Shelley Storhoff for rounding up approximately young 20 worker bees for the 4/1 benefit at Good Shepherd! These worker bees include her children (Kirsten, Charlie) and their St Stephens classmates. The worker bees even purchased TMHTM t-shirts to wear at the benefit while volunteering - and some classmates/families still wanted the shirts even though they couldn't attend the event! Little do they know they also volunteered to wash/cut up veggies and tie ribbons beforehand too :) Shelley goes to our church and definitely "gets" what we have been/are going through with all the medical adventures of her daughter, Dani. Our church had put on a benefit for Dani a few years back so Shelley is whipping up some cool things which they did at the event (bookmarkers to hand out, autograph book, etc). I'm really looking forward to the event - worker bees, Dilly Bars (thanks to Ben Murray & DQ, our nightly hotspot), 3 face painters, Magician, name it!
I would also like to thank anyone who is reading this post. Sometimes I wonder if anyone really reads any of this (besides our parents!), but I dont really care because I think it is more so "daily therapy" for me - along with a way for me to track the events/story for Manny to read someday. But, I am astounded at the people who come up to me and know the details of the website, have seen the video, know the medical terms, the dates of the benefits, etc. So, thank you! It is very humbling to know that people care. With that being said - please ignore the incorrect grammar. Treat these updates like text messaging - whatever half words I write or misspell - it's legit :) Like the word, misspell, is that even right?! LOL. ROFL. Umm...that's all the ones I know.
Finally, today I went for a run to enjoy the weather and to escape the flu infested house (poor MannyMan). To let you know the pace my brain is on lately - when I came in the door and took off my shoes, I realized I wore one orange tennis shoe and one yellow tennis shoe on my run. It's time to get to California... :)