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2:15pm (Cali) - Roberson

posted Aug 1, 2011, 2:44 PM by Manny Wilke   [ updated Aug 1, 2011, 2:59 PM ]
We spoke with Dr Roberson. He said that this Left ear middle bones were more formed and connected at the top of the Stapes ("stirrup") unlike his Right ear. The stirrup looks like a horse saddle stirrup, one arch, but naturally, Manny had 3 arches. He lasered off 2 of the arches which made the stirrup move/vibrate more - which is what you need to be able to hear. His ear canal area was lodged above the jawbone and wrapped around again - just like his Right ear - making him complex ... again...!He was able to create a good pathway though and his facial nerve is ok.
Dr Lewin is now working on putting in the implant -4 hours - and when she is done, Dr Roberson will go back in and connect the outer ear with the canal. Because Manny had more of a "tragus"/cartilage, they can use part of that to help with the ear canal from not closing up like the Right Ear likes to do.
As of now, we still cannot predict the future surgeries. Which of course, I am a I ask the question like at every update...I'm sure that isn't annoying at all. Our next hearing test is in October, and that should be a better indication of what to expect. But, what I didn't take into consideration is that the future surgeries will depend on the healing and hearing tests of both ears. If the Right ear hearing goes back to what it was a few weeks ago and the Left ear is normal/good, then no surgery may be required - hearing may be "good enough". If that is not the case, then he may need that prosthetic Stapes put in. In addition, the outer ear will continue to heal and both doctors say - do not rush anything as things can drastically change over time; we wouldnt want to go through a complete new skin graft overlay if unnecessary.
Eli is currently playing legos and watching a movie. What a help the Godfamily has been :) I'm sure he would have thoroughly enjoyed sitting in an 8x10 waiting room for 12+ hours with no tv or vending machine - ha! The waiting room has thinned out. We were one of the firsts, and everyone has come and left. We have been able to see a few children who had prior ear revisions/medpor implants done. When you're in this business - you stare at everyone's ears. Yeah, I know what yours looks like.
Well, Nate's off to pic up Manny's meds at Walgreens. I'm holding down the fort. When he gets back I plan to walk around the block a few times and see if my over-caffeinated body can back to normal levels.