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12:35 Cali time - off to surgery, 10 smiles, idiot stamp

posted Apr 3, 2012, 1:00 PM by Manny Wilke   [ updated Apr 3, 2012, 1:03 PM ]
Poor little guy was starving but was a trooper heading into surgery. He has been very fearful of the "happy juice" each time, but daddy told him he could have a big sip of Pepsi if he was a big boy. But, we actually were able to skip the happy juice and go right for the face mask - Manny is used to that with his nebulizer, and I was glad because I didn't have to see him and hold him all loopy. We have the same nurse again, Sarah, and the same anesthesiologist, Dr Champeau, who is from WI and has 70 cousins there - mostly in jail he joked. And, of course, Manny played Angry Birds on my phone during vitals and waiting to go into the OR. He freaked a little heading back, and nurse Sarah says "you can play Angry Birds  on my phone..." and he goes into the OR, I grab my stuff and I can hear her say "have you ever played mine shaft...."... Who knew Angry Birds would be so instrumental in this surgery trip!
Despite somewhat of a downer afternoon/evening yesterday, I've had some smiles this morning already:
1) Manny singing a new song on the way to surgery from pre-school - I had never heard it before - but some of the words were something like "Jesus takes good care of me and looks after me"
2) Spending some non-food time at the park this morning, with Manny showing off his mastering of the monkey bars
3) Jenny Ganske reminding me that Manny now goes by Emmanuel ... perhaps because "God is With Him"
4) Melissa sending me a pic of daughter Ava in her TMHTM shirt
5) Messages from friends, family and facebook posts and messages
6) Words of encouragement and a kick in my a$$ to change my attitude from Judy (I actually asked her for it because she knows just want I need and want to hear)
7) The sound of Eli's excited voice on the way to the airport
8) Manny and Abe hugging in the car when they dropped us off to surgery
9) Grammy J and I laughing after both realizing that neither of us slept last night, partly wondering about surgery and partly wondering how she was going to take care of Busy Abe for 6 hours all by herself :)
and my most favorite
10) Nate's text messages to me back and forth:
N: Already f'd up at the airport twice. Wonderful.
T: Well at least you made me smile today
N: Why's that
T: Because I am imagining you at the aiport trying to figure it out without me
N: Checked in bags and went upstairs. Security asked for our boarding passes. I said I never got one. So then I went back downstairs. The lady said that she's used to everyone checking themselves in and printing out their boarding pass. I said my wife usually handles this crap and I hve no idea what I'm supposed to be doing. So now I'm back upstairs in line for security.
T: You tried to go through Security without a boarding pass? How were you going to get on the plane? lololol
N: Do they not know who I am?
T: Yeah, you're the guy with "idiot" stamped on his forehead and they are all talking about you after they left.