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1234, MKE>SFO, Appt, SFO>LAX, Appt, LAX>MKE, 1234

posted Nov 11, 2012, 12:58 PM by Manny Wilke
That is my next 3 days and since I won't be lugging out my computer with me, I thought I'd write the post in advance.
Tomorrow morning I will get the kiddos off to school and then Manny and I will head to the Milwaukee airport (MKE) to fly to San Francisco (SFO). We'll attempt to take 2 trains (wish us luck) and walk to our hotel in Mountain View and save $ in cab fare and not have to rent a car. I think it could be a fun adventure. Well, that's what I'm saying to myself anyways.
On Tuesday morning we'll catch an early cab to get to our 8:30am Post-Op appointment in Palo Alto at the California Ear Institute with Dr. Roberson. I'm not sure what he'll do exactly but I think some dressings will be changed, the abutments will be looked at, etc. We'll then cab directly back to SFO and catch a flight to Los Angeles (LAX). We'll then mooch a ride from Uncle D or get a cab to Santa Monica for our 3pm Post-Op with Dr. Lewin at her office, so she can look at his rash-leftovers and the healing of his outer ears. We'll hang out afterwards until she is done at 5pm and then mooch a ride with her back to the beach area/Uncle Derek's, but we'll get to chat with her during the drive home which will be great. Santa Monica and Hermosa Beach are probably about 1.5 hours away during rush hour, and only 40ish minutes on a normal day. We'll then get to hang for a little bit with Uncle D & Aunt Ashley.
On Wednesday, I'm hoping to get a run in at the beach, head back to LAX to go back to MKE, and then drive back home to 1234 late. Thursday morning, it's back to reality and early work meetings.
Here's to hopefully one last adventure...for awhile anyways. Despite the chaos, it was so great coming home for the weekend. I got to see my son and my neice take 1st place in their home basketball tournaments and watch 8 games. Manny got to hang with Grammy J safely for the day while I got to spend QT with Abe and Eli at the gym. ~ Special thanks for Dr. Effie and Laurie for our dinners! :)