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10:15 - Roberson: 1 BAHA, canal closed, 10:45 2 BAHAs & Lewin begins

posted Nov 5, 2012, 11:12 AM by Manny Wilke   [ updated Nov 5, 2012, 1:01 PM ]
Dr. Lewin has been texted me updates which has been nice. She came out at 10:15am to say everything is going well, the ear drum was removed, skin removed and canal closed. 1 BAHA abutment was in place and Dr. Roberson was working on the other one.
She wanted to run across the street to get some food quickly before she started, so I tagged along so she could finish updating me. She brough her food back to the lobby here of CEI and was called in for surgery about 3 minutes into eating her soup. The life of a surgeon. It would not work well for me, I don't like to miss my meals.
Dr. Roberson came out about 10:45am and said that he was finished with his portion for now. He spoke with Nate over the phone as I took notes, which was very nice of him as Nate feels a little disconnected being so far away....Dr Roberson wants to put a small skin graft in his Left ear canal, where there is some "weepy" skin with some moisture. But, he wants to wait to see if Dr. Lewin does skin grafting, if so, he'll share a piece with her. If not, he'll take it from his scalp. He said he did accomplish his goals and thought everything went well. He felt very good about the only "risky" part which could impact the hearing in his good ear, or as he said "the only engine the plane is flying on right now."  There are permanent sutures in place which we'll need to have removed locally in 3 weeks at home.
I'm not sure how long Dr. Lewin will take. So far, it's only been 3.5 hours.